The Launcher or Game isn't opening/crashing

If the launcher is unable to start please check these common solutions first:

  • Ensure your graphics card is up to date with the latest driver.
  • Download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft.
  • Download the latest version of the .NET Runtime from Microsoft.
  • Some antivirus or anti-malware software may modify or delete the launcher’s files. This can cause the launcher to fail to run completely, or fail at a later point. You’ll need to disable such software or safelist the launcher’s folders.
  • Run the program in ‘Administrator’ mode.

If issues persist, please reach out to lok.thetribe@gmail.com and attach theĀ  Player.log and Player-prev.log files that you can find in the directory:

 C:\Users\[User]\AppData\LocalLow\The Tribe\The Tribe Launcher

How can I play the game?

We have a launcher which will download the latest version available to you.


Do I need to download every update?

No, you can play older versions and simply not update the game if you prefer, though you will miss out on new content.

Where can I support development?

We have a patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/kuja

We would be greatly appreciative if you support our development, we want to make a good game for everyone to enjoy!

When will the game be released?

Truthfully, we don’t know. We work hard on it every single day, and progress has been exponential as time goes on and we become more proficient. However giving an exact date is an impossibility. We are dedicated to being as transparent as possible during development.

What game mechanics can we expect?

RPG style combat, fishing, Pterodactyl racing, cooking, lockpicking/minor stealth gameplay, platforming, quests, puzzle solving, character customization, and exploration of an open world to name a few. We will likely add more as development progresses.

What will combat be like?

If you could imagine a turn based system similar to KOTOR, but in 2D form with some improvements.

Will weapons and equipments have RPG elements like stats, bonuses, poison/bleed effects, etc.?

Yes. Kay herself will have stats and ‘talents’ that will function like feats from KOTOR. Equipment and weaponry will effect these stats negatively or positively.

How much equipment will the characters in the party work?

We plan on having the following slots:
* Markings (Tattoo)
* Head
* Upper Body
* Lower Body
* Hands
* Feet
* Underwear (With top/bottom toggle)
* Main hand weapon
* Shield slot (Will be unavailable with certain weapons)

How will quests work?

Standard self-contained RPG styled quests. Receive quest from talking to people, witnessing things, reading item descriptions, then complete quests for XP/rewards.

How will the dreams work?

Progressively becoming more nightmarish and surreal as the being grasps hold of your mind and attempts to corrupt you. There will be some gameplay in the dreams, and content for both SFW and NSFW versions.

Will there be a gallery?

Yes, it will be unlocked by beating the game. The amount of content we have planned will be simply too large to expect players to have to find each scene to unlock it. So to make it simpler, beat game, get gallery.

Will there be fast travel?

Yes, out of combat fast travel between points of interest.

Will there be secrets?

Yes. Unique and hidden weapons, equipment, easter eggs, and perhaps even secret characters/companions. These, unlike the gallery, must be found in order to be unlocked.

Will there be any post-game content?

Yes, new game + will be available once you’ve beaten the game, where you can start the game at max level with all of the gear you acquired in your previous game. Enemies will be much tougher, and there may be some unique rewards for new game + completions.

Where can I find v0.8 (Old) version of LoKR?


Why did you remodel Kay from the old v0.8?

We received numerous complaints about the old model, and decided to work on fixing some of the perceived problems. Kuja also wanted the opportunity to improve on his artstyle as well. Overall we believe the new model to be a vast improvement.

Is Kay going to have the same backstory or something different?

Kay (And the name will be changeable in game), will be a girl born upon a federation world who joined the Federation out of school to become a pilot. Simple as that. She may have an ordinary upbringing, but she will become extraordinary during the course of the game.

How will the game start out?

It will eventually start on the ship, where you will be able to explore, do minor quests, and speak with many of the crew. It will then transition to you being trapped on the hostile world.

Will Kay have customization?

Yes, the extent of which is still being discussed, but we feel that fur colorations, skins (musculature/textures), hair styles, breast sizes, and tail styles will likely be customizable.

Will everyone in the village still be the same?

Largely for the most part, only Cenvir and the Chieftain will be getting personality changes.

How will the overall story change?

It will be tighter and more grounded, immersion is one of my personal priorities when writing. As many details as I can afford.

Will there be any new characters in the Razorclaw village than we saw the last time?

Yes and no. There were a number of characters that were **planned** in the older LoK:R that never made it. So there won’t really be any ‘new’ characters per se, just the planned ones you never saw.

What other races are planned besides snakes, lizards, and wolves?

Yes. (A few)

Sultari (Snakes), multiple species of Lizard (From large to small), Urzukai (Wolves), Hyenas, Jackals, Cats, and Keipr (Small kobolds).

Will demons like that fox girl still be a thing?

Yes. Only they will be presented in a far more subtle and ‘over time’ fashion.

Will there be multiple endings?

Yes, we plan for several different endings in a similar fashion to Fallout in how they change based on what you did during the gameplay.


Can the NSFW content be avoided?

We eventually intend to add an ‘SFW’ mode which will allow you to enjoy the game without any NSFW content. However for the time being, you can only avoid Kay being ‘naughty’ and go for a virgin run.

What kind of fetishes can I expect?

A lot. Standard sex which includes vaginal, oral, anal, handjobs, titjobs, etc. With nonstandard sex including lesbian, sexual acts with the various creatures of the world, mild noncon upon losing battles, exhibitionism, humiliation, bdsm, tentacles, foot jobs, cum play, and much much more. If you can imagine it, it will likely be in, though we will **NOT** be adding scat, watersports, or guro.

What if I don't like a specific fetish?

We intend to eventually have content toggles for certain fetishes, and of course you the player will have the opportunity to skip or avoid any fetishes you don’t like.

Will you have pregnancy?

Some characters will be pregnant, and the main character may become pregnant in an ending, but pregnancy will not be a game mechanic for anyone other than NPCs.

Will there be a futa character?

Yes, there will be a few futa characters, mostly Hyenas.



Will there still be a slave route?

Yes and no, due to the complexity of the game design we’ve been planning, having an entire route of slavery would be too difficult to add. However I have plans for a sizeable slave side-quest.

Are there any plans for different male body types?

Yes. Dad bods, scrawny, and chad builds will be things.

Do I have to romance someone to fuck them?

No. Romance =/= Fuckable. Romance just influences your ending and your relationship with that particular companion.

Will companions be the only love interests in the game?

Yes, and will influence the ending. But there will be plenty of non-lover sex with various beings in the game.