Male Razorclaw base skeletons completed, Vanlen on the way, lots of tools!

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Hello all, we’re back with a new recap of the past week. One main character, Vanlen, is near to completion as his base skin was added to the rigs of the various directions (clothes excluded), and all his tools are ready to be used for his idle animations. Speaking of tools, a ton of new tools are ready to be used by the characters around the village!

Here’s the list of what we completed during last week:

  • Tools for the idles: Sek’s Spear(2 views), Bone Spear, Guards’ Spear, Metal Spear, Cut_Logs(5 pieces), Dagger (2 views), Vanlen’s Blacksmith Hammer (4 views), Sharpening Stones (2 pieces), Cups (5 pieces), Anvil, Anvil’s Log, Basket (2 pieces and 2 views each), Black Berries (3 pieces), Red Berries (3 pieces), Blue Berries (3 pieces), Mangos (3 pieces). More sharpening stones angles.
  • Cauldron and all it’s layers: Cauldron_F, Cauldron_B, Smoke_Ground, Smoke_Green, Cauldron_Bubbles, Rocks_F, Rocks_B, Rocks_F(LIT), Rocks_B(LIT), Cauldron_F(LIT), Cauldron_Light.
  • Vanlen – Front, side, back views artwork were finished.
  • 3/4 generic male razorclaw rig.
  • Sitting and staring far away idle for Sek.
  • Generic 3/4 male razorclaw idle front and 3/4 view.
  • Guards idles, guard asleep while standing, and guard being reprimended.
  • Hammering idle for Vanlen.
  • The images in the Razorclaw tools and weapons PSD have been consolidated where needed and imported in the front rig. Each object, food, effect, and weapon in the Razorclaw tools and weapons PSD file has been separated into their own PSD files (so that we can have individual jsons for each object).
  • Black Stone Cooking “Table” artwork. Comes with: Twigs Set (7 different pieces), Various Herbs (Rosemary, Oregano, Sweet Basil, Mint, Cylantro, Thyme, Parsley and Dill), Peppers Set (3 different pieces: Red Big, Red Small and Yellow Small), Razorclaw Seasoning Set 1 (4 different pieces: Salt Pile, Dehydrated Chilli Pepper Pile, Black Pepper Pile and Dehydrated Honey Pile), Eggs (5 different pieces), Cooking Stone/Black Stone Cooking Table (15 different pieces ^ image above), Cooking Eggs ( 1 piece atm), Red Meat ( 2 pieces) and Smoke parts to be put above everything during cooking. Cooked and Semi Cooked Meat and Egg parts.
  • Website layout mockup.
  • LOKR_Male_Side rig was rigged and meshed.
  • Vanlen Front, Back and Side Skin added to LOKR_Male rigs.
  • Added back front side and back side angles to the game.
  • Footstep sound fx setup.
  • Refactored some UI functionality for consistency.
  • Food descriptions and values doc was created.

Once again, another post for patrons only will display all the wips and the progress for the week.

See you next week with another post!

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