New website up, hands, hands everywhere!

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Hello all! Loads of new art was created and added to animations this week which are 75% for the male idles in the village, plus the website is ready to go live! You can visit it here: . Uylani’s redesign is under works, (there was a patreon poll on the discord, and several sneak peeks are available for patrons there, so go check them out!) and overall the pace is good.

The males all require skins and outfits, but the main framework to allow animations to be made is done. If you read the list below, lots of hands and tools were added once again, seems like there are never enough! We should be able to complete all the male idles by next week and focus on the female ones next (or combat animations with the available art in case Kuja decides to focus on completing the male outfits).

Completed this week:

  • More hands and arms for the default Lizardman
  • Spoons
  • Vanlen body proportions modifiers applied to front and back rig
  • Vanlen hammering and sharpening loops
  • Several talking idles
  • Sleeping loop
  • Pelt Racks for tanning and some Tanning/Cutting Tools
  • Pelt Ground Brown and Pelt Ground Black (with char shadow versions)
  • Imported Hands, New Vanlen’s Jaw, New Sharpening Stones, Spoons, New Cups, Tanning Tools, and Pelt Mats into LOKR_Male_Front rig
  • Fixed Vanlen’s front jaw
  • Polished the classic skin basic side pieces (rigged the boots, removed the fur and clipping feet)
  • Rigged Kay’s crawling hands
  • Rigged front razorclaw male mixing hands
  • Mixing ingredients idle
  • Day/Night Ambience sound fx added in game
  • Added Razorclaw Tools and Cooking Tools to LOKR_Male_Back rig
  • 4 different “holding cup” hands – Separated into 2 different parts each
  • Hand’s for cups (as well as cups) are now in LOKR_Male_FrontSide rig
  • Drinking cups INVERTED, Book, Scroll
  • Imported Drinking Cups, Scroll, and Book into LOKR_Male_Front rig.
  • Rigged several new hands and arms
  • Rigged a book
  • Reading animation
  • Imported tanning tools into the rigs
  • Meshed and Weighted Vanlen’s Back images
  • Made idle animation for Vanlen’s tanning
  • Website FAQ revised
  • Website actual realization
  • Website images

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