Male idles completed!

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Another week has ended, and we have completed the male idles, begun the female idles, added another direction for the basic male razorclaw rig for combat and companion purposes, as well as had several discussions to define elements like combat, how to optimize the female creation, as well as allowing the team members to import backgrounds or dialogue in Unity.

Here’s the complete list of what was done this week:

  • Male razorclaw jerking off animation
  • Male razorclaw drinking animation
  • Male razorclaw relaxing animation
  • Male razorclaw walking/wandering animation
  • Added Throne into LOKR_Male_Front rig
  • Male razorclaw sitting on throne animation
  • Female yelling at tall person animation
  • Female sleeping animation
  • Female North-East run animation polishing
  • Made image path corrections to LOKR_Female_Back, BackSide, Front, & FrontSide rigs
  • Setup Skins for LOKR_Female_Back, BackSide, Front, & FrontSide rigs
  • Bones and Constraints made for LOKR_Female_Front rig
  • Finished the 3/4 Back View for the Default Male Lizardman art
  • Female rigs/art different proportions coordination
  • Uylani – Front View art
  • Fish lore docs
  • Getting Kuja and Vlad on track to use Unity for backgrounds and dialogue
  • Call about combat to get animators on board about the expected final result
  • Added Items to new interaction system
  • Added new system for giving Companions commands

And if you’re a Patron, check out the gallery post showcasing all the new assets!

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