Planning for next weeks, new UI, dialogues, recolors and Sek ready

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This was a week of great progress. We reorganized our objectives and priority list, and tried to optimize the production so that everybody can keep a steady flow of work.

We’re making recolors possible, adding UI and revamping the dialogue mechanics, refining movement in game, and Sek’s artwork is complete.

If we all work at maximum capacity, we’ll need at least 5 weeks to be able to finalize the content we planned for the release. How fast we can go depends as always on the amount of support we get, so thank you for supporting us in this.

Completed this week

We hope the amount of progress we keep making speaks for itself in the list below:

  • Female backside walk animation
  • Weighted the body of Kay in LOKR_Female_Front rig
  • Added initial dialogue animations and logic
  • Added dialogue speaker spotlight effect
  • Kay’s head, breast, and hair images in LOKR_Female_Front rig have been weighted.
  • Knapped flint boulder art
  • Cooking Mini Game – UI
  • Combat stance animation (except for the hands which need to be fists)
  • Fixed a bug in the 2D remake that didn’t remove camera sway based on your settings
  • Added blur and vignetting effects to Menu state and is ready for cooking-UI
  • Implemented simple facial dialogue phonetic animations
  • Added items to new interaction system
  • Finished recoloring the Kay model – Front View and added in cropped white parts as separated layers
  • Zooming Bar and Icons – Selected and Unselected versions – Conversation Screen
  • Prepped Colorless version of Kay’s front images for Spine import
  • Added the Front-side rig view only to visualize the idea
  • Added Companion Commands back to the new build and re-organized the in-game UI. The Companion Commands were finally built into the other game before the 2D Remake and were a bit buggy and people had complaints.
  • Landing jump pose
  • Idle to crawl animation
  • Back View – Recolored, White Parts separated, so on (It contains the first skin parts as well)
  • Implemented new dialogue UI
  • Default Lizardman – Front View – Recolor and separated parts.
  • Sek – Front View – Recolor and separated parts.
  • Default Lizardman – Back View – Recolor
  • Sek – Back View – Recolor and Outfit
  • Default Lizardman – Side View – Recolored, Yellow parts separated, Expressions added to file and also recolored.
  • Default Lizardman – BackSide View – Recolored, Yellow Parts separated, so on.
  • Front-Side View – Recolored, Yellow Parts Separated, So on
  • Set up PSD files for importing recolored images in Spine for the Front, FrontSide, Side, BackSide, and Back rigs.
  • Recreated the Lizardman skin in LOKR_Male_Front rig to use the new recolored images with existing meshes and weights.
  • Tested color codes for Male Razorclaw to get recolored images as accurate to default colors as possible. Color code is current saved under the Trello Card [In Progress > “Male Razorclaw – Skin Recolor”].
  • Added in other hands and arms, Fixed nail coloring for every direction
  • Completed documenting Rigs, Characters, Clothing, Items, and Levels
  • Conversation Screen UI
  • Meeting to revise the objectives and what to focus on for the next weeks.

Plans for the upcoming weeks

Just to give you a sneak peek, here’s some of the plans, for art (you’ll notice a couple of these are already done cause Kuja is amazing and worked over the weekend):

  • 1- Sek and his clothes
  • 2- Keakrix missing views
  • 3- Girls – they have to be generic for now!
  • 4- Guard (in generic colors, plus clothes)
  • 5- Golak special features
  • 6- Vanlen’s pretty clothes
  • 7- Recolor – high demand task
  • 8- 2 backgrounds in work (1 week)

Animation priorities:

  • Explore stealth crouching as a hunched walk
  • Jump in all directions
  • Idle, walk, run for both female and male rigs in all directions
  • Razorclaw males emotions, 3/4 emotions for females if possible

Characters planned in the next release:

  • Keakrix
  • Sek
  • Vanlen
  • Guard
  • Golak

Story likely included in the next release:

  • Wake up in bandages in Razorclaw village
  • Earn your keep by doing jobs/missions for the Razorclaw
  • Get chased out of village by Kantir into deep jungle

Milestone Goals:

  • Launcher Creation – DONE
  • 2D Remake – DONE
  • Dialogue Changes – DONE
  • Minigames – Can do one minigame, probably cooking will be best, tanning assets are made?
  • Character Customization – Can do
  • Hunger System – Can do
  • Combat – Can do a basic version? (if there is time and resources, likely pushed)
  • Game Content – Must do

As always, we could not do this without your support. Thank you so much for being a patron, or for supporting the project by sharing it, giving useful feedback, and being involved!

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