Finishing touches before the sandbox release

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We are almost there!

If you haven’t read the previous week post, please read it if you want more details. Compared to last week, we managed to add almost all of the minimum we hoped to still add, to the point that it is easier to list what is missing than what was added.

Here’s the art that is missing:

  • 3/4 back Bandaged Outfit for Kay
  • Kay’s Pilot Outfit – back, 3/4 front, 3/4 back
  • Arms for the average lizardgirl in 3/4 front and 3/4 back require adjustments
  • Extra hands and parts for Krys in white color
  • Male guard’s Outfit, all directions (we can probably give them Sek’s uniform for now)
  • Meiri’s Outfit – 3/4f and 3/4b (this can be cut)
  • Add 2-3 new backgrounds to Unity, including the crashing site (we’ll see if there’s actually time for this or we push it)

Which means that we can release as soon as we get the first 4 items of this list in game. We estimate that we should be able to release this week, so the next post update you see should be about it. It shall be noted that we can’t release until at least these 4 items are done.

We really appreciate your messages offering us to take more time, however we feel like releasing this new version is in any case better than the previous tech demo, and the time we’d actually require to add more would likely equal to another developing cycle, so we might as well release now something to give you another taste of the direction we’re going towards.

After we release, part of the team will have to take a break, both because we went quite over budget with the hours dedicated to the project, and also because we overworked ourselves. This should give the art team more time to create the art that had to be cut to make the deadline without the pressure of crunching, and also let us reorganize ourselves with a new plan for the upcoming months.

Ok, so now you know what is left before this little release is ready, let’s see what was completed this week.

Done this week


  • Keakrix/Strong Lizardgirl Model – Front View: Breast_L and Breast_R (Pressed_2) – Recolored
  • Default Lizardgirl Model: – Added pressed breast_L and _R – Removed small mole/spot of Uylani right breast (It’s for Uylani only)
  • Meiri’s Hairstyle 3/4 Front View: – Side 01 – Side 02
  • Lizardgirl (Strong and Default) – Front View: – Feet Soles
  • Kay’s Model – 3/4 Back View: – Completely recolored. – Artline completely remade. – White parts separated and re-added as new parts. – Breast remade, Nipple and Areola removed. – Tail sorting changed. – Tail outfit 1 and 2 changed. – Added Classic Hairstyle.
  • Separated white part from hands and ears,Recolored multiple parts, Re-made all the outline of all parts, Separated hair detail from hair strand
  • Kay’s Bandaged Outfit: 3/4 front view 1 3/4 front view 2 (flipped) side view 1 side view 2 (flipped)
  • Kay – Side View: – Recolored multiple different hands. – Recolored Thigh_F (Crawling). – Recolored left part of hairstyle. – Separated small hairstyle part. – Separated all hand parts (white parts). – Redid the artline of everything.
  • Kay – Side View: – Recolored missing hairstyle parts – Fixed Thigh_F butt part. – Recolored Thigh_F.
  • Meiri’s Eyelashes, Eyebrow parts (All angles/views)
  • Somehow Female ‘Lizardgirl Default 3/4 Back View’ wasn’t in GD. It is now.


  • Correctly imported all lizardgirl strong arms into the rig. I replaced the old strong lizardgirl’s arms in the back and backside (3/4Back) rig since they didn’t have a mesh).
  • Imported new torso for lizardgirls in the FrontSide (3/4Front) rig.
  • Prepped and imported KayRecolor_FrontSide (3/4Front) images into Spine (including KayClassic).
  • Added new corrected breast images to HuntressGarb (Front) and DancerDress (Front) for import.
  • All the following outfits have been imported into Spine: – CheetahDress (Back, Front, & Side) – BandageWraps (Back) – ClassicPilot (Front) – DancerDress (Front) – HuntressGarb (Front)
  • Prepped 3/4Back Kay PSD file for import – Imported Kay 3/4Back view into BackSide rig. – Split Kay into Original and Classic Skins. – Re-meshed and re-weighted both skins & and created custom skins.
  • Imported new TalzoraPriestress Bra and boob. Meshed and weighted. – Split Lizardgirl into custom skins (I haven’t meshed or weighted her images yet).
  • Imported new soles into the Front rig for Lizardgirls (Default and Strong). Not meshed or weighted.
  • replaced the cheetah dress for all directions to use the new color – Meiri’s color codes: eyebrows: 664b46 eyelids: 8a6a6a skin: 428945 irises: 8a83ae
  • Added in missing recolors to Side rig (still more missing images to add). – Prepped and imported BandageWraps outfit to Side and FrontSide (3/4Front) rig. – Skinned the BandageWraps for both rigs. – Imported new Lizardgirl_Average arms to FrontSide (3/4Front) rig.


  • Cheetah dress in side, front and back view.
  • Strong lizardgirl front, back, 3/4 front and 3/4 back meshes and weights.
  • Average lizardgirl front, back, 3/4 front(minus arms), side meshes and weights.
  • Pilot outfit front
  • Bandage wraps skin front, back, side, 3/4 front, 3/4 back
  • Huntress outfit front and back


  • Found and implemented the previous Alter level Compound developed for the original game, for the Appius memories, a quick way of getting a great background for the scene in the 2D Version. (Quest doesn’t work anymore and the area is locked to the entrance)
  • Implemented the waking up sequence from a technical standpoint, need to add in animations soon too. I also managed to get the entire scene to play through on a single flow macro from Bolt where it checks if you enter a particular level to kick off its sequences.
  • Finalized collision for the Razorclaw Tribe Level
  • Merchant Test Scene is in and updated the Merchant UI and functionality
  • Setup level transitions for Meiri and Cenvir’s Tent, and fixed various inconsistencies and issues with level transitions in general. Getting closer and closer to the final product.
  • Implemented the Lizard Man misc animations in to play and we have the ability to trigger any character to play a misc animation hooked to them. Opening the doors to K being able to perform an emote on command in the future.
  • Added an apply and revert option to the settings to make them feel more controllable
  • Fixed issues with the resolution, and added aspect ratio options and resolutions that are specific to that aspect ratio.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with companion switching, item dragging, UI, and data saving/loading. I updated the Game Manager tool to do a proper load, which is helping a ton with debugging the saving and loading.
  • Implemented temporary effects from consumables to display in the Menu and added the game logic for them to be tracked and saved/loaded.
  • Implemented a system to create unique items in-game, which adds ‘copies’ of items to the game in real-time with a new unique ID. This item can be customized in anyway and even allows for Minecraft esque anvil’s where you’re able to rename an item of your choosing. – New Unique Items system is implemented into the ‘Uses’ functionality for Ingredients, and for applying boosts from ingredients onto cooked items.
  • A few major improvements to Cooking overall which improve the final experience,
  • Updated the Dream dialogue sequence to include a gray blue bg and smoke effect and also include Kay, as per Vlad’s instructions. Vlad wrote the dialogue in the engine for the sequence. Now we will be polishing this up for the build!

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