Our plans got slowed down, but we’re not letting this stop us

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It is the start of the month, and we missed the time frame we said it would be likely we’d release. Based on how the week went, it is more likely that this upcoming weekend could be the date the release may be wrapped up, that is, if no more surprise problems come ruin our plans again.

What went wrong?

New parts requiring recolors popped up: Besides the arms problems, and some alternative parts for Kay that all had to be redrawn in the color to allow redraws, the new coloring method also called for the extra pieces for the side of Keakrix to be redrawn in the new color. This slow down cascaded on the coding side, which was blocked from working on the final models because images were missing, thus getting several errors.

This also slowed down the making, therefore exporting, rigging and weighting of new sides for the very important missing sides of skins.

Due to files being blocked, customization still needs to be implemented and is on top of our priority list.

We’re also missing some levels that are required for the beginning of the story which we’d like to at least have in, and the characters are just having their life cycles implemented.

So, a cascade of events scrumbled our plans. We’re sorry to have let you down. Given the amount of work left we sincerly thought we could make it, and we didn’t take into account problems arising last minute.

Despite working to fix problems, we didn’t just stay there doing nothing, so here’s what was completed last week, allowing for a touch of polish in some areas:

Completed last week:


  • Lizardgirl Default/Strong – Side View: – Private parts recolored.
  • UI modifications: – Lust System – Hunger System
  • Lizardgirl – Side View (Default and Strong) – Recolored multiple parts. – Separated white/yellow parts as duplicates instead. – Recolored the separated parts.
  • Kay’s Bodysuit – Side View – Thigh_F Fixed (larger butt)
  • Kay – Side View – Recolored OG Facial Fur – Recolored OG Hair strand
  • Lizardgirl – Side View (Defaut and Strong) – Mouths/Tongues/Teeth separated.
  • Bandaged Outfit: 3/4 Back View
  • Kekrix Outfit – 3/4 Front View and flip
  • Keakrix Outfit – 3/4 Back View
  • Kay’s Bodysuit + Pilot Jacket – Back View


  • Fixed Lizardgirl Strong’s eyelashes in front rig.
  • Setup all skins for outfit in front rig.
  • Fixed errors in the frontside rig and consolidated slots and skin placeholders, removed dupes, meshed and few of the new Kay recolors.
  • Imported remaining images (Kay’s Classic hair, Private parts added to Lizardgirl Average and Strong) to Side rig.
  • Kay’s custom weights in the Back rig now have the correct weights.
  • Improved Skin Setup consistency across all rigs.
  • Listed missing images for recolor and/or import.
  • Optimized outfit slots across all rigs.
  • Lipsync parts added to lizardgirls (Average and Strong) in the Side rig. – Kay’s missing images added into Side rig.
  • Imported 3/4 Back BandageWraps into Spine. Ready for mesh and weights
  • Added in HuntressGarb into FrontSide rig.
  • Imported HuntressGarb 3/4 Front Flip and ClassicPilot Back into Spine.
  • 3/4 Back HuntressGarb imported into the rig.


  • Average lizardgirl 3/4 back weighted.
  • Meiri’s general face rig for front skeleton.
  • Backside wraps weighted.
  • Keakrix front huntress clothes weighted.
  • HuntressGarb 3/4 Front Flip and ClassicPilot Back weighted.


  • Adding needed audio and ensuring existing audio works.


  • Updated in-game tooltips to use a seperate system than the menu ones and changed their style and moved them up. Looks much nicer now!
  • Implemented Lust UI in dialogue and in-game. Along with a sample dialogue and dummy character to test events for adding and resetting lust. Lust gradually increases by 0.1% every 7s. Included sample dialogue events to increase lust by a percentage, and to reset lust to a percentage of the max lust.
  • Created Game Over State and process where it disables game movement and sets characters to their Dead State. Once selecting continue it takes you to the sleep if you have a save where you can select which save to load. If no previous save is present, you’ll return to the main menu.
  • Added Game Guide to Main Menu and Pause Menu
  • Implemented Dialogue Conditionals to allow for custom Bolt graphs to determine if an option is available or not. An upgrade to the previous system where conditions had to be hard coded in.
  • Hooked up the Character Spawn Objects with logic with Bolt to handle the character is spawns throughout the level. This can be used to determine if a character can be spawned or not and can listen to game events to power logic. It has two main functions, SpawnCharacterAndGoToPosition which does exactly that, and GoToPositionAndDespawn which does exactly that and is used to give the illusion of characters moving between levels. Here’s an example of Sek spawning in one level during the Day and spawning in another during the Night.
  • Got feedback to change the cursor to change when hovering over something in-game
  • Created 3 video tutorials for internal documentation with further detail and descriptions
  • Adjusted UI to display average cook time when hovering over items during cooking
  • Added in the, Nursery, Storage, Unknown Tent, and Abandoned Tent based on the level chart using the generic tent level and hooked up entrances/exits for the level in the razorclaw entrance and tribe.

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