Build 1.0.0

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Today Version 1.0.0 is being released. After all the delays we’re finally at a place where we’re able to release the content we’ve been working on. Although this is a small piece of the story, it’s a bigger idea of what the game overall will have in store. With the exception of a couple major features related to combat and quests, the core systems are all in place and have been iterated upon over and over again to achieve what we have presentable in this build.

We welcome any feedback and have created a Trello dedicated to game bugs where we’ve been piling them in since Monday and closing as much as we can. Please check the Trello and feel free to provide feedback within Trello on cards or contact us to report more issues you may find. https://trello.com/b/6z07HoKz/build-test

To Authenticate yourself on Patreon/Subscribe Star, login via the launcher and open the game while logged in. To refresh your login status in-game relaunch the game via the launcher.

Download Launcher (Window/Mac/Linux)

  • Recommended to unlock Patreon Rewards instantly.
  • Configure custom launcher installation location and game installation folder.

Direct Download (Patrons Only, accessed via your private post in Subscribe Star/Patreon)

  • Redeeming rewards has to be done manually in-game and you will have to keep an eye on posts for game builds.

If you’re unable to Authenticate via the Launcher, the direct build contains a in-game console used for debugging accessed by F4. Type in ‘help’ for a list of commands however you’ll want to use the ‘authenticate-[insert rank Name]’ command and authenticate-setName to set a custom name. Ideally the Launcher should authenticate your game session just fine.

1.0.0 Changelog

+ Switched game to 2D
+ New In-Game Map to allow transitions to Planet, Federation Ship, and Level overview
+ Federation Ship Map Menu
+ Razorclaw Map Menu Icons
+ New Loading Screen
+ Memories
+ 4 adult scenes from the tech build included in Memories
+ 2 new non-adult scenes included
+ Razorclaw Village with 3 Levels
+ Day/Night system
+ New Level Management system to keep track of the 50+ planned game levels
+ New Data-Tool system for managing all different aspects of the game data
+ Meiri
+ Vanlen
+ Sek all angles
+ Keakrix all angles
+ Razorclaw Guards
+ Improvements to the Level and Skills
+ Hunger/Health system more or less finalized
+ Lust mechanic setup
+ Difficulties and other menus have been rewritten
+ Bandaged Clothing
+ Federation Outfit
+ K’s Federation Outfit
+ Cheetah Outfit
+ Sek’s Outfit
+ Minigame system
+ Cooking Minigame
+ Cooking art and FX
+ Cooking items and ingredients
+ System to generate brand new items in real-time based on existing items and applying changes to them (Ingredients having unique uses counts and cooked food having unique effects).
+ Added Flipped variation for non-symmetrical characters (Keakrix’s flipped hair on one side)
+ Character customization
+ Character recolorization
+ Custom user icons
+ General UI Improvements
+ Control improvements
+ More Companion options
+ Character Day/Night cycles
+ Dynamic Post-Processing saturation based on Time of Day
+ New Game State Controller to handle the game state and transitions
+ Audio reaplcements and improvements
+ Audio in new game mechanics/UI
+ Lootable containers
+ Custom Content Manager tool for game content
+ Torches based on Time of Day
+ New Beginnings Quest
+ Authentication Manager to manage reward checks and get authentication information from the Launcher
+ Overhauled scenes system to operate with Bolt, Unity’s Visual Scripting Language
+ Character spawner with custom configurations for speech
+ Character spawner can interact with Bolt events
+ Generic Character support currently used for guards.
+ Replaced old hand-made Actionables system with Bolt events
+ Overhauled Triton to work with Bolt and provide a better user-experience
+ Talking animation for females
+ Emotes system currently used to power Sek’s reading/anviling
+ Dragable items
+ Merchants UI updated
+ Overhauled Dialogue display and functionality
+ Dialogue Barks
+ Gatherable objects that give items after the user gathers for long enough on it
+ More things we’re probably forgetting. General Bugs, UI, Animation, Writing, and Game Feel updates.

Other Notes

– All tents and tent interiors are in the works.
– Character quests with the Chieftain and Galdryn are not available in this release.
– Backgrounds and minor details are still being tweaked/being worked on.
– Background 2D lighting/Day-Night Cycle is still being tweaked/worked on.
– Interactive items are still being worked on.
– Guards and guards diversity/outfit diversity.
– Lizardfolk diversity (Skin/Scale coloration, markings, hairstyles and outfits).
– More characters and Backgrounds/Areas will be added soon/through next patches.

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