Build 1.0.1 – Public Early Alpha Release (2D again)

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Hello everyone today version 1.0.1 has been released publicly! This version is intended to provide bug fixes and additional small general changes to build 1.0.0.

Download Launcher (Recommended – Access to every build and Patron/Subscriber rewards!)

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Note: There’s known issues with performance and a new update will be coming with options to toggle lighting which dramatically decreases graphics load in the game. If your device is struggling please bear with us.

Currently the introduction is not complete as we’re missing Galdryn and the Chieftain but they’re coming very soon and we currently have content for you to try, including Beautiful Levels, Cooking, Gathering, Looting, Customization, Memories, Dialogue, and Companions to name some.

We welcome any feedback and have created a Trello dedicated to game bugs where we’ve been piling them in since Monday and closing as much as we can. Please check the Trello and feel free to provide feedback within Trello on cards or contact us to report more issues you may find. https://trello.com/b/6z07HoKz/build-test

Our next release, Version 1.1.0 will be a big change with the finalization of the first Intro Quest and bringing in the first quest from 0.8, The Cauldron Quest/Waterfall scene. Additionally, Combat will be finally introduced with creatures and characters to fight against. Finally we’ll also bring general improvements to the game and optimizations and also of course bug fixes.

The Launcher will receive some new changes as well to place it in a finalized and stable state.

I have some sad news, I, Gizmo, will be leaving the team. As some may know I’m a University student and am preparing to graduate soon. Looking forward on my career, I’d like to move into the gaming industry outside of the adult industry, which means I am going to be leaving the project. I am making this decision purely out of personal needs as I had an amazing time working on this project and with everyone here, I think it’s truly shaping up to become a AAA product and with enough love and work it can become truly great.

It hurts to leave the project without seeing it to completion however I will be taking this month until March, to tie loose ends, fix bugs, documentation, and make sure everyone will be able to continue from here on. Ron, the new programmer, will be taking on my responsibilities who’s passion lies in creating great games and code. He’s already been working with us and has been doing a stellar job creating new features. I leave the project in the very capable hands of The Tribe team, I know this game will deliver what it’s intended to deliver, and that is a unique high quality 2D interactive RPG adventure with adult content.

Changelog (1.0.1)

+ Added ESC text to looting and sleeping menu
+ Character unlock indicates if the character is a companion
+ Added Item tooltip to companion equipment overview in Companion Manager menu
+ Added Item Category filtering to the item log
+ Added Item Outline depending on the category, and category icon
+ Added Item Background tint depending on the armor type if the item is an equippable item
+ Added Raw Variation for cookable items
+ Replaced Raw Eggs with a Bird Egg
+ Added toggle to dialogue to determine if dialogue should be animated or not
+ Added delay to end of speech
+ Added delay to commas, periods, hyphens, and ellipsis
+ Added coming soon text to memories save selection
+ Added Appius and life-cycle to be briefly in three different levels in a day
~ Adjusted game speed
~ Adjusted stamina
~ Adjusted hunger
~ Changed how the dialogue determines custom character entries
~ Fixed item tooltip saying ‘Cooked Bonuses’ if no cooked bonuses were available
~ Fixed issue where dialogue would cancel twice and pause the game occassionally
~ Fixed exiting to menu and loading save doesn’t unload your game and reload to the new one.
~ Updated Conversation Log data
~ Fixed issue where intro conversation didn’t appear in log properly ~ Fixed typo in Planet Map faction, missing r in Urzukai
~ Fixed Torcs and Respect being flipped in the Merchant UI
~ Fixed deformity in Razorclaw Village west around the Female Communal Tent
~ Changed cooking input to left click to flip and right click to take
~ Changed cooking instructions to display at start
~ Fixed post processing flickering occasionally
~ Fixed Character Leveling title typo tooltip in game guide
~ Fixed starting off with 5 attribute points by default for main character
~ Fixed being unable to crouch if in forced sprint mode
~ Fixed saturation/post processing not applying in dialogue and cooking
~ Fixed locked companions from spawning then despawning
~ Fixed Add to Party button not updating companion manager
~ Fixed party status in the in-game UI
~ Fixed the game from randomly taking over movement when using hold to move functionality
~ Fixed Merchant and Looting menus from displaying undiscovered items
~ Fixed emotes not being applied on load
~ Fixed being able to trade on undiscovered characters
~ Fixed notifications from stopping when in a menu
~ Quest Entry in Log menu displays ‘Complete’ if complete
~ Fixed visual glitches on Cooking Rock ~ Fixed character tooltip saying ‘Disocver this Item’…
~ Fixed Item Entry in Log menu displaying items discovered on day 0, time 0:0
~ Fixed public build from accessing console
~ Fixed Keakrix ~ Fixed skin coloring issues
~ Fixed Meiri’s bed from being locked while you’re in the level, following the intro sequence
~ Fixed sleeping moans still playing after loading a new save.
~ Fixed Authentication Manager attempting to delete file from windows temp path.
~ Fixed Sleep moans from replaying after getting up

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