Our plans for Milestone 2

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A new week starts, and with it comes the Monday post!

Thank you for the feedback on the release of v1.0.1

First off, let’s start with a big thank you for trying out the sandbox v1.0.1! More details are available in the two previous release posts. Remember that the chieftain is not there yet and the sandbox starts as soon as you exit the tent! Also, thank you for helping us shape this into a better game by letting us know of bugs! You can find the ones already tracked on this Trello, and if not there, feel free to comment here or on our discord about them!

Upcoming plans for Milestone 2

As the foundation is at a good point, we’d like to focus the next build on getting the NSFW content from v0.8 back in, and to make the release cycle shorter while we keep ironing out details and fixing bugs, we identified Vanlen’s quests as a good candidate, limiting the NSFW scenes to 3 new additions, more if we can fit them while other art is being made.

We would also expand the emotions that the characters can express during dialogues, so this will be our secondary focus.

Lastly, since this character is the most wanted in the game and out and everybody wonders where he is, we’re ultimating the chieftain so that the intro of the game can be completed.

We estimate we’ll need around 2 months due to these tasks:


  • 1 week and a half to complete Vanlen and his clothes
  • 1 week to create additional arms and polish some parts
  • 1 week to create the chieftain and clothing, likely in limited directions
  • at least 1 week to create Vanlen’s workshop background


  • 3 weeks of NSFW animations hell (at least)
  • 1 week to create custom cumshots
  • 2 weeks to create more emotions

So the beginning of May could be a reasonable time to expect the new release, and we’ll see if we can maybe do smaller releases in the meanwhile.

Done this past week


  • Guard front, back and side outfits.
  • Eri redesign and front view, Eri’s outfit in front view.
  • Nesi redesign, and front view, 3 new outfits in front view for Nesi: Default Outfit, Tavern Outfit I & 2.
  • Inani redesign.
  • Nemiri redesign.


  • Prepped and Imported GuardOutfit into Male Side rig.
  • Fix error on Female Front rig that had the wrong mouth and bottom eyelash visible in neutral.
  • Fixed double nose face issue in the female frontside rig.
  • Fixed Hand_R_Relax mesh and weight issues.
  • Got Vanlen’s recolors in place for the side rig. Realized that we’ll need recolors of his unique images.
  • Prepped and imported Eri and EriDress into female front rig.


  • Added system for randomly spawning things on the ground (currently for gatherables):
    – Can spawn randomly on the entire ground or create your own bounds for spawning;
    – After an object is fully gathered it will wait the designated respawn time, then spawn a new one in a new random location;
    – Can set the minimum distance it spawns from other object.
  • Added search functionality to the launcher for the credits, among other changes.
  • Added back in Ledges and Ladders for testing functionality in 2D, marking the full transfer from 3d to 2d code we had.

Thank you for showing us your support, and helping us shape this game!

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