Who’s been a bad girl? – Work on Vanlen has begun

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This week has been focused on preparing the chieftain so that the story can progress, and dressing up Vanlen, as well as readapting him to the new color system we are using to enable shared body parts across characters, just as planned. The first 3 NSFW scenes that we are working on all share Vanlen spanking Kay with some variations. And if you’re curious, below you can see the detailed list of what was done this week.

Speaking of content, we’d like to highlight Shattered by Ricco98, a short SFW story written within the LOKR universe. You can discuss it in our discord!

Done this week


  • Chieftain Jaakul – Front View.
  • Lizardman – Front View – New Parts: – Slapping hand 1 – Slapping hand 2 – Slapping hand 3.
  • Vanlen – Outfit (Front View).
  • Vanlen Separated parts and recolored to fit the pink theme (Front View).
  • Vanlen – Back View – Parts separated and recolored – Outfit finished.
  • Vanlen – Side View – Parts separated and recolored (SIDE A and SIDE B) – Outfit finished (SIDE A and SIDE B).
  • Vanlen 3/4f – SIDE A – SIDE B.
  • Kay’s crashed fighter.

Prepping and rigging:

  • Prepped and imported Jaakul and ChieftainArmor to LOKR_Male_Front rig.
  • Meshed and weighted Jaakul’s unique body parts.
  • Skinned ChieftainArmor and ChieftainAxe.
  • Fixed some errors on a few images from the CheiftainArmor set.
  • Added meshes and weights to the CheiftainArmor.
  • Tested meshes and weights using the throne sitting animation.
  • Imported missing down ear images for Kay.
  • Imported Vanlen recolors, Spanking hands, and BlacksmithOutfit into Male front rig.
  • Skinned, Meshed, and Weighted BlacksmithOutfit.
  • New spanking hands rigged


  • Spanking pose idles for Kay and Vanlen.
  • Protesting on lap – Kay.
  • Spanking (and receiving spanks) – Kay and Vanlen.
  • Added new hands to the spanking animation.


  • Refactored and documented code.
  • Unity Cloud Build CI is working to directly upload builds to our server.

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