Vanlen basic art completed for all directions

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This week was less productive than the others, with part of the team down with sickness, and the other taken by IRL problems happening. Still, Vanlen basic art is complete for all directions, and a first draft of the tanning minigame is under works. (you can see the basic code logic below). We’re in a stage where input on how to make it more interesting is appreciated, so feel free to comment below or on our discord if you have suggestions! The inside of Vanlen’s workshop is also being discussed and bainstormed, and several decorative pieces for the huts are being worked on.

We’ll hopefully come back in full force next week.

Done this week


  • Vanlen 3/4 F – SIDE A – SIDE B
  • Vanlen 3/4 F Outfit – SIDE A – SIDE B
  • Vanlen 3/4 B – SIDE A – SIDE B
  • Vanlen 3/4 B Outfit


  • Prepped Vanlen’s Back, BackSide, FrontSide, and Side view for Spine import.


  • First draft of Tanning Minigame


  • Sultari Desert Battle Track
  • Horror Theme

We also thought we’d show you some concept art for the future that you may not have seen, the following are Federation weapons, and finally concept art for a Federation Marine. More to come! (visible on Patreon and SubscribeStar)

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