Tanning in progress

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This week has been dedicated to meshing and rigging the assets produced last week, as well as designing and testing ideas and mechanics for the tanning minigame, you can have a look this week’s iteration (still a wip) in the code section below.


  • Vanlen Parts (SIDE B) Belt tools, Chest Scar and Necklace
  • Tanning Mini-Game Assets
  • Main Branch 05 – The Forge
  • Different stages/cycles/phases and final mock up for the tanning minigame. Tanning Icon (top left)


  • Imported all of Vanlen’s images, including the BlacksmithOutfit images, for all views.
  • Made a few minor adjustments and corrections to the Male rigs.
  • Added in new recolor images to male 3/4Front rig.
  • Made more corrections across all male rigs to sync the naming.
  • Meshed the back view outfit and prepped the other rigs for meshing.
  • Meshed and weighted remaining images for Front, Back, and Side male rig.
  • Meshed and weighted all the Vanlen & BlacksmithOutfit images (including Flipside) in the 3/4 rigs (3/4 Front & 3/4 Back).


  • Tanning Minigame Iteration 2

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