Decorating tents, music, and bug fixes

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Hello all, we are back with the Monday post! We hope this post fids you well and rested.

These two weeks have been dedicated to the creation of backgrounds art-wise (in fact, each background took roughly a week), music and sound effects, many code improvements and bug fixing, and the organization and creation of the NSFW scenes with Vanlen. The spanking animation managed to break Pikant so Archie is now reworking it.

Below you can find the usual list, now by broad groups (instead of listing every single item in a background).

Done these two past weeks:


  • Meiri’s Tent.
  • Vanlen’s Tent.


  • Animated roughs guides for spanking, groping, and fingering scene.
  • Roughed out a Spanking, Spanking2, and Fingering animation in Spine.


  • More horror music done.
  • Bunch of SFX done (Need to revisit some hide-tearing SFX for the minigame).


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