Heigh charts, backgrounds, 3D printed ships

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This week has been dedicated to clear some confusion regarding the races height, and docs updating. New background elements are going to populate the village soon, and several bugfixes have been made code-wise. One of our animator’s pc also died over the weekend, so the animations may suffer a bit until it can be replaced (hopefully by the end of next week).

On a side note Compound created a 3D printable version of Kay’s ship. (check the gallery to see it)
Compound’s 3D Printable ship is available in the Lok:R discord for patrons, which means that if you have access to a 3D printer, you could print it yourself!

We’re currently working on making save games compatible with future versions, albeit major updates may still break them.

This week’s progress


  • Visual height comparison chart updated.
  • Chieftain’s Tent (WIP): This BG is twice as big as the default ones. It’s still incomplete atm since this area will change a little since this is supposed to be one of the dense parts of the jungle. So I’m adding vines, mushrooms and new types of bushes and trees.


  • Vanlen’s initial greeting dialogue is done.


  • Improved Kay’s timing for the Spanking scene. Fixed some major posing issues on her as well.
  • Added Vanlen body proportions to 3/4 Vanlen rig.
  • Adjusted poses and timings on the spanking animation.
  • Added scraping tools for tanning to K’s 3/4 rig.
  • Established new height proportions for Vanlen compared to Kay.
  • Added docs on character height root modifiers.


  • Fixed food not adding to hunger.
  • Fixed dialogue speed setting not working.
  • Fixed some characters duplicating during dialogue (sek, keakrix, appius).
  • Fixed Sek’s hammering emote not playing.
  • Reduced size of gatherable’s click area.
  • Fixed tree gatherables floating above ground.

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