Unity backgrounds, and onboarding animators

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This was a modest week, as it resulted in less output, but more getting in game, as well as preparing the ground to have more animations as we are trying to add more temporary help for the many scenes involving Vanlen. As both aspects were a coordinated effort, the output was more focused: Art and code department had to join forces to make things work in unity, several back and forth from Vlad and the animation department was also required to find the people, get them on board, prepare the tests, and assign them.

Completed this week


  • Leather crate.
  • Exit Signs.
  • Chieftain tent exterior.
  • Main Branch 05 Implemented into Unity.
  • Vanlen’s Tent Implemented into Unity.


  • 6 more nsfw scene drafts for Vanlen, completing all of the summary scenes for Vanlen.


  • Re-meshed Kay’s Hair, Tails, Breasts, and Face to fix odd visual errors (incomplete areas of her body are marked with red).
  • Onboarding of new animators.


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