Baby, light my fire!

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Several backgrounds are now in Unity with day and night variants, and Kuja has worked on some spectacular* 2D fire to use on the torches. (*this is Pikant, I think the fire is amazing!!).

Meanwhile, the tanning minigame is improving, and more of the dialogues are getting completed. We’ve also had multiple music pieces done for our OST.

As the quest for new animators to help us out progresses, some bugs in Kay’s 3/4 appearance got fixed. The spanking scene continues its infamy defeating us all. Will we emerge victorious?

Recap of the week


  • 2D lighting re-re-re-re-re-added to MB06 (Chieftain’s Tent – Outside) No torch light yet, as I’m remaking the torch fire manually.
  • 2D lighting re-added to Vanlen’s Tent.
  • 2D lighting re-added to MB05 (The Forge) (no torches yet).
  • Torch variants.
  • Torch fire – animated without and with glowing effects.


  • More of Vanlen’s dialogues, though his sex dialogue still remains.
  • Begun working on the Chieftain’s dialogue.

Animation and rigging:

  • Kay 3/4 Front had been completely remeshed and weighted.
  • Spanking WIP_06.
  • Adjusted animations for spanking scene. Testing out tracking animations for more versatility with the animations.
  • New animators tests (in progress).


  • New tracks added

EldritchDemo.mp327 Apr 2021, 3:18 amLacertaniaExplorationDemo.mp327 Apr 2021, 3:18 amJotnarCombatDemo.mp327 Apr 2021, 3:18 am

  • JotnarVillageDemo.mp327 Apr 2021, 3:18 am


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