Spring cleaning!

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As the effort on backgrounds continues, a great part of the village is in game now. You’ll soon be able to finally find and talk to the chieftain as the dialogues that involve him are completed and ready for implementation in Unity. We have new tracks, and many, many, many new assets to enrich the environment and delve deeper in the jungle. Behind the scenes, the code is being polished, the rigs inner workings are also being polished, and we’re working with several new animators to help us tackle Vanlen’s many scenes. We may end up in a situation where several sequences will be ready at once. Fingers crossed!


  • Several new hands for the Lizardman 3/4f model:
    Fondling Breast Hands F and B.
    Shoulder Massage Hands F and B.
    Grabbing Hair for Sniffing Hand.
  • Chieftain’s Tent – Interior (No lights, No objects).
  • Fixed a ladder issue for collision purposes on Chieftain’s Tent – Outside.
  • Implemented all torch variants on all previous backgrounds.
  • Many new assets were created. Many old assets were remade.
  • New and reworked plants, New ground pieces, new Rocks for the Jungle > Deep Jungle transition.


  • Completed the Chieftain’s dialogue – ready for implementation.


  • Sultara demo
  • Sandstorm demo


  • Renamed all the bones and slots in the front and side SnakeMan rigs to maintain consistency and make finding things easier.
  • Trimmed away some slots and bones that were null and had no purpose in the rig or animations.
  • Prepped a few things for the inevitable recolor and skin naming conventions.
  • Prepped & imported in new hands to Male 3/4 Front rig (not meshed).
  • Removed unused images from all the Male rigs, all the SnakeMan rigs, Female_Front rig, & 3/4 Front rig (still got Female Side, Back, & 3/4 Back rigs left)
  • Caught and corrected errors with image paths and linked meshes.


  • K tanning loop.
  • K tanning idle.
  • Sequence Set up (initial posing and checks) for forced ball licking.
  • New animator onboarding.


  • Added Tanning Skill stat to the game.
  • Added sound effects to the tanning game.
  • Fixed cooking not awarding XP.
  • Added gathering awarding XP.
  • Made capture icon in character creation auto trigger when confirm is pressed (instead of confirm being inactive until you capture).

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