The triangle quest for the perfect boob ratio

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Consolidation is the name of the game this week as we continue working on the back end of animations. Ron has been nailing bugs left and right at an awesome speed. However Kuja has been making fantastic progress in the realm of art! Several female characters have been finalized in front view, so you’ll soon be able to spot them across the village. We are getting ever so closer to a proper release, and another step closer to recovering v0.8 levels of content (Then we can finally move on! Phew). If you’re wondering about the reason of the title check the jungle on our discord!

Done this week


  • Nesi Front View
  • Nesi Front Outfit
  • Nemiri Front View
  • Nemiri Front Outfit
  • Eri Back View
  • Eri Back Outfit
  • Nesi Pony Tail (Two Versions)
  • Numerous assets modified and tweaked for future use (Recolored in addition)


  • Collision for Chieftain’s Tent


  • Fixed Sek’s camera staying fixed in place by the waterfall and not allowing transition
  • Fixed a bug where after discovering Sek as a companion; time would stay paused and you couldn’t move
  • Fixed music not looping
  • Adjusted music and ambient volume levels to be more normalized
  • Cleaned up CharacterClothing scripts for workability and debugging for spine
  • Fixed bug where kay’s belt didn’t appear in front view (by reimported spine rigs)


  • New Tanning Minigame Music


  • Cleaning up of numerous assets
  • Prep for spine imports
  • Fixed several bugs with character angle consistency and assets/clothing not showing up
  • More progress on Vanlen’s sex animations.


  • More progress on Vanlen’s dialogue, rewrote Chieftain’s dialogue because I wasn’t happy with it.

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