Sniffing some girls?

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Another week, more progress. Eri is getting new views, the levels are being refined. Nemiri and Nesi have been added to the rigs with their assets, and two praise scenes stages with Vanlen are now animated. Levels have marked exists and the new ones got walking boundaries. The pace is picking up again.

Completed this week


  • Meiri’s 3/4f outfit (can’t believe this wasn’t uploaded yet).
  • Eri – Side View (Character Parts). (Hairstyle Side A and Side B) New parts: Breast Set, Belly Part, Face(recolored) and Jaw (recolored), Neck(recolored) and Neck part (recolored), Eye Set, Hair Side A, Hair Side B and All outfit parts.
  • Eri – Side View (Outfit).
  • Removed Rocks and Stair_F from _Ground 01 from the Chieftain’s Tent BG (outside) to re-add them as new entities.
  • Recolored Eri’s fur part on her Back View (recolor only).
  • Fixed Eri’s dress and remade most of it’s parts.

Rigging and animation:

  • Prepped new recolor images for Nemiri and Nesi.
  • Imported Nemiri, Nesi, NemiriOufit, NesiOutfit, and MaidOutfit into the Female_Front rig.
  • Created Skin and Skin Placeholders for newly imported assets.
  • Meshed and Weighted Nemiri and Nesi’s new images.
  • Rigged Vanlen’s massage and hair touching hands.
  • Started adding meshes and weights to the lizardgirls head images.


  • Sniffing hair loop.
  • Rubbing Shoulders.
  • Sniffing to rubbing shoulders transition.


  • Collision done for the chieftain tent external level.


  • Fixed bug with looting ui that wouldn’t allow you to move items freely between inventory and chests.
  • Added exits/entrances, camera boundaries, and parallax in new maps.
  • Added exit indicators to exits.

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