The Return of the Purple Eyed Menace

By May 24, 2021No Comments

We have good news for all of the Kantir cultists out there, the sinister man with the purple eyes is back and better than ever. We’ve made good strides this week, collision is being done, coding is being done, animations are being done, progress is good.

Completed this week


  • Eri – 3/4f Model.
  • Eri – 3/4f Outfit.
  • Kantir – Front View Model.
  • Kantir – Front View Markings.
  • Kantir – Outfit.
  • Modified the size of many different objects on the Forge (Outiside) BG and re-added them.

Rigging and animation:

  • Meshed and weighted lizardgirl strong and lizardgirl slim faces in front rig.
  • Meshed average lizardgirl, Eri, and Meiri’s front face.
  • Prepped and imported Eri and EriDress into the back, side, and 3/4 rig.
  • Setup skins for Eri’s images.
  • Meshed Eri and EriDress in the back, side, and 3/4 view.


  • Ancient Battlefield/Snow Forest Theme (In Progress).


  • More collision completed for more levels, including Vanlen’s workshop.


  • Reworked the input system a bit for controller support.
  • Made a custom input module for controller navigation to use our input system.
  • Setup controller navigation for going through UI.

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