Animation progress, and Ricco’s story

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This week has been bountiful as two animators sent in their work on two sequences, getting at a good stage of progress. The backgrounds have also been refined to look more cohesive with the characters. Kantir’s appearance has been touched up and improved based on community feedback.

On the community side, Ricco wrote a new LOKR related story, check it out!

Completed this week


  • Eri – 3/4F – Belly Fixed.
  • Removed the black lines from all the objects on Vanlen’s Tent.
  • Removed the black lines from Meiri’s Tent.
  • Removed the black lines from the Chieftain’s Tent.
  • Kantir – Front View: Added new scars and some new parts (thanks to feedback). (Eye cover/Eyebrow expression can be achieved inside Spine so the part doesn’t need to be used at all, just as reference)


  • Pushed some dialogue.


  • Meshed and weighted Kantir and his outfit in the front rig.
  • Meshed a few parts of Average Lizardgirl and Eri 3/4 Front.


  • Ball licking sequence first pass is at a good completion stage. Requires some corrections.
  • Over shoulder hand job 4/7 done.


+ Added a key bind for Take All in looting and the UI will also be updated to reflect it.

+ Added the ability to have armor outfits that occupy multiple slots from 1 item.

– The outfit goes in the chest slot.

– Other occupied slots will be grayed out.

– Currently there are 2 types of outfits; an outfit that takes the chest and leg slots and one that uses every armor slot.

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