“Let me give you a hand”

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As the animations are being wrapped for two of the main Vanlen scenes, new additions to the skeletons were drawn to enhance them like custom hands and other anatomical parts. Nemiri’s basic body has also new views so that adds another character back to the cast.


  • Created a slightly different p*nis shape for the Lizarman – Side View.
  • Created two “covers” for the hand job scene and other future scenes for both p*nis models.
  • Created various different hands for Kay to be used in the hand job scene.
  • Lizarman – Side View: W*nking Hand 01.
  • Nemiri – Back View, 3/4 Front View(notice the comparison of her body to the standard lizardgirl!), Side view.


  • Added in Kantir new parts to Male_Front rig. They are meshes and weighted.
  • Added Eri’s new parts to Female_3/4Front rig. They are also meshed and weighted.
  • Made naming corrections to the Male_Front rig and PSD files.
  • Made naming corrections to the Male_3/4Front, Side, 3/4Back, & Back rig and PSD files.


Editor Changes

  • Changed dialogue options to override user settings if desired.
  • Added option in dialogue to select a custom direction for each character to face.

Game Changes

  • Fixed broken bolt references in memory scenes for animations and made them into super units (easier to fix and more reusable).
  • Fixed bug causing Appius’ skeleton to break and not load in.
  • Added the option for the user to select a save to load a memory in or use the default.

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