Happy 2021! – New launcher, memories, lizardgirls art, stealth crouching

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Happy new year! As we all celebrated, we also progressed with the parts required for the new version of the game. We discussed the opening sequence and determined that for this release we are going to replace Golak with Meiri, since she will greet you first. A bandaged skin and Kay’s suit have to be added and this could possibly slow things down. (we’ll try our best to avoid the slow down, but skins for all 5 directions take time to make and implement, hopefully this won’t take more than additional week, ideally less than that.)

If you are on our discord you probably already enjoyed the new range of breast shapes designed for the lizardgirls, which are now complete (except for hairstyles) for all directions. Keakrix is also complete, as well as a new part of the village.

Animation-wise the efforts have been focused on completing more platforming movement: stealth walks and idles for male and female skeletons in most directions, and picking objects from the ground.

The launcher has been updated and the memories section is also ready code-wise.

2 or possibly 3 more weeks should be needed to complete and release this version of the game, then we’ll be able to focus on adding new NSFW content.

Thank you so much for hanging there with us.

Completed this week:


  • Defined opening sequence for the release. This means Meiri, Kay’s bandaged skin, and Meiri’s tent get top priority.


  • Keakrix front model. Changes made: Models were completely recolored. Front View had her arms slightly tweaked. Front View had her torso, breast and neck lines removed to match other views (Re-skin only, shape untouched) Front View had her thigh’s muscles slightly tweaked (Re-skin only, shape untouched).
  • Default Lizardgirl – Front ViewRecolored. Nipples and Areola separated.White parts separated.
  • 3/4 Back View – Strong Lizardgirl
  • Side View – DEFAULT lizardgirl body. W/ additional jaw, face and breast parts.Arms, Legs and Neck are slightly slim.
  • Back View – Default Lizardgirl
  • All angles/views for the Strong Lizardgirl model have been re-uploaded with the new color fix.
  • Backgrounds scenery: MAIN BRANCH 01 (No 2D lighting added) Re-added doors, spikes and torches. Added it to Unity.

Prepping and rigging:

  • Prepped Lizardgirl_Front (default & strong) images for Spine import
  • Imported lizardgirl images into Spine front rig
  • Created skins for default and strong variants of lizardgirls
  • Slight clean up on naming of slots and skin placeholders
  • Imported Keakrix’s colors
  • Imported Uylani’s colors


  • Picking up object from ground animation – Female side
  • Picking up object from ground animation – Male side
  • Stealth idle and walk, East direction, male skeleton
  • Stealth idle and walk, SouthEast direction, male skeleton
  • Stealth idle and walk, SouthEast direction, female skeleton
  • Backside stealth walk and idle female
  • Backside stealth walk and idle male
  • Front stealth walk and idle male
  • Back stealth walk and idle male


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