Hunger, gathering, basic male movement in game!

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We hope you had a great time this past week, and that the new year will also be better than the past one! In between celebrations, we managed to define several lore elements, prep the art from the previous week and complete the idle, jump, walk and run basic animations for each direction of the male rig. The hunger system is also in place now, cooking also got some new perks so it is now a complete feature, and gathering is also in the works.

The next week will mark half of the minimum time we estimated we would need to wrap things up for an initial minimal version release of the game. (please read the post released on Dec 14 for more info about the plan). Some things went faster than we expected (we estimated 3 weeks to complete the male movements, it only took 2 weeks, so this leaves room for some little polishing and adding more animations like crouching and perhaps picking objects from the ground). Overall we’re still on track with the plan, as we expected a slow down this week and the next for celebrations.

Completed this week:


  • Added Several herbs/spices to the lore for use in cooking
  • Added some more food
  • Added two lore books to the Sultari
  • Tweaked and added to future perks/powers
  • Added some basic fuels for cooking


  • Mini Menus UI
  • (Big task of making Keakrix missing angles in progress)

Prepping and rigging:

  • Uylani Front view (body and outfit) is prepped for Spine Import
  • Sek Front, Back, and Side view (body scars and outfit) is prepped for Spine Import
  • Kay recolor images imported into Spine front and back rig.
  • Female front rig skins adjusted to match previous rigs.
  • Tested colors for Kay’s recolor images.
  • Skinned & Meshed the back view images (they still need to be weighted).
  • Female Front and Female Back rigs are complete and animation ready (including TalzoraPriestess outfit).
  • All of Sek’s images (Scars and Outfit) have been imported to all Male rigs.
  • Corrected all errors in the rigs so they can be imported to Unity without issue.
  • Fixed Vanlen’s neck alignment.
  • Figured out Sek’s color codes.


  • Male backside idle, jumping poses, walk
  • Female backside jumping poses
  • Male backside run
  • Male back idle and jumping poses
  • Male front walk
  • Male back walk
  • Male back run (all male basic walks, runs, idles, and jumps are ready!)


  • Made some SFX


  • Implemented Cooking Ingredient Selection UI
  • The Cooking Minigame is complete *for the most part, ingredient boosts aren’t applied to cooked items yet…
  • Fixed bugs with the notifications system and level system. Here’s a video of the level up notification when grinding the juicy xp cooking
  • Hooked up the Launcher to store its login info from a location the game can access
  • Setup the foundation for Gathering. You can interact with an object and ‘Gather’ from it. It will take you to it and set the character’s state to the newly created gathering state.
  • Implemented configurable Gatherable Interactable Objects for Dried and Live Wood
  • Imported latest Male rigs and animations into Unity they are at 5%. There’s also a dead state now if the character’s data is marked as dead the character won’t be able to move. Soon to be implemented with a rag doll
  • Hunger System increases HP of player and companions if the hunger is > 50% it’s max.
  • Updated Characters Trello to include default values used across characters. Individual characters have their own optional modifiers as well. Updated in-game to use these values set in the data tool for consistency and simple management
  • Added screen effects UI for when the character you’re playing is damaged and when it is under 25% max hp

As always, thanks for making this possible!

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