3/4 Emotes and expressions art and poses

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This week we worked on getting a wide range of emotes and expressions for our 3/4 models. Next week they will be sliced, brought in Spine andanimated. Dialogue capabilities are getting extended, and the cum testing (not tasting) (or maybe that too for some characters) goes on. Along these lines combat also is getting an initial set up in Unity.

Kuja just published an in depth post about how the art of LOK:R is done, check it out here!

We also discussed and approved the addition of a final CG scene to the Vanlen cycle. What is your preferred sketch for a scene among those presented?

Done this week


  • Finished my part (art) of the doc: LOKR – How development is done and it’s intricacies Part I: Art: Character Models, Outfits and Hairstyles.
  • CG Art: Rough Concept Sketches for Kay x Vanlen’s scene.
  • All of K’s 3/4f expressions (Still needs proper cropping).
  • Doc for the ART part I was posted on patreon, subscribestar, twitter and discord.


  • Fixed errors in Front and FrontSide image directory.
  • Made naming corrections to the Female_BackSide & Back rigs, including the PSD files (I still need to adjust the naming of images in the image directory).


  • Spanking loop 1 and transition 2.
  • 11 Emote poses (no expression, no animation for now).


  • The Forge Collision done.
  • Editor: Allow dialogue objects to contain more than 1 dialogue starting point.
  • When a node is set as a starting point it will be outlined in blue and display its title above the node.
  • Editor: Setup a scene for better previewing of animations.
  • Game: Added new cum effect, fixed its positioning function, and tested it.
  • Setup more animations in scenes.
  • Working on basic combat.

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