Biweekly post 2

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We had a meeting last week to summarize what is done and what is left to do to complete a patch. You can find the details in the section below, but basically we’ll wrap up what we have and ensure at least those minimal things are in that are preventing us from releasing.

A member of the team got Covid and that unfortunately slowed down the production of animations a little. As that person was assigned the final rework of the infamous spanking scene, destroyer of animators, and that’s the first one that should be played, please pray for us that the curse of this scene will be lifted soon cause we all had enough of it and want to get this done as much as you do.

On other more fun activities, we’re exploring programmatic additions to animations to lift some of the burden on animators, so facial expressions and cumshots are being reworked to be controlled via code rather than manually custom animated for every sequence, allowing a lot more freedom and variations in the story with less effort in the future.

What is needed for the patch to be released?

We established we will release the patch as soon as we get these crucial things done first: (or at least most of them)

  • Complete the forge environment in Unity
  • Complete the chieftain implementation in Unity
  • Add programmatic expressions to the characters
  • Add dynamic cum
  • Add the dreaded spanking scene

We’ll also add all the sex scenes that were completed in between the last patch and now, which all involve Vanlen.

Done these past two weeks:


  • Big voice meeting of the team


  • Small Tweak to Lizargirl Tails (Small re-shading to add more shadow depth: Re-skin only, no shape was changed).
  • Inani – Side View 01 ~ Outfit.
  • Fixed some back view issues, new image, so I deleted the older one.
  • Inani – Back View ~ Outfit. Arms still need to be revisited (they fit in the front view but not in the back view for some unknown reason ~ even though they’re the very same object but re-skinned).
  • Inani – Side View A: – Bra Parts ~ Reworked – Arms ~ Added Skin Dentation version – Breasts Pressed ~ Reworked.
  • Inani – Side View B.


  • Reorganized files for Spaking scene.
  • Initial revision of Vanlen x K forced cumshot animation, corrections, rework.
  • Listed all the new Galdrin scenes on trello.
  • Dynamic cum – initial test.


  • Made clicking outside the ground area move to the edge of the ground.
  • Made holding click to move not stay cancelled when the cursor is moved under the player, then away again.
  • Added Emote buttons for Character Preview.
  • Allow to toggle walking/idle for character preview in character customization.
  • Temp resize of The Forge.
  • The Forge back wall collision.
  • Added a custom MenuItem and keyboard shortcut to toggle collision visibility.
  • Update forge scene with correct camera boundaries, exits, and allow kay to walk in front and behind some objects.
  • Added functions to better handle cum placement in scenes (coming from a character’s given bone and going to another specified position, for instance another character’s given bone).
  • Added the ability to add facial expressions to dialogue.

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