First CG Scene – Art done!

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The CG scene has been the focus of the week, while part of the team has been weathering a dose of the vaccine. Also, one of the animators has completed a batch of the spanking scene, what do you think about them? This could possibly mean we’re significantly closer to a release, as it was a necessary sequence to add! We’re also considering to do a first internal alpha release to do the first pass of quality checking during this upcoming week, so finally things are starting to wrap up.

Done this week


  • CG ART 01: recolored Kay.
  • Fixed all the lines once more.
  • Added new hand, arm and fingers.
  • Added a “lewder” expression.

Rigging and animation:

  • Prepped Inani Front and Side views for Spine Import.
  • Meshed and Weighted Alt hands for Lizardman 3/4 Front.
  • Sequences 1-8 Spanking, first pass.


  • Rewritten Vanlen’s dialogues to be wittier.

Unity and code:

  • Prepped game for dev build to test.
  • Added missing exits.
  • Fixed exits transitioning areas in the wrong spot.
  • Fixed bug where player wouldn’t switch areas when clicking an exit.
  • Cleaned navmesh for walkable area (for click movement).
  • Fixed some flaws in memory scenes.

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