CGI loops and K appreciation month

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This week the main joint effort in terms of art and animation was put into the CGI scene. (Other NSFW scenes are being worked by several animators as well, don’t worry). The chieftain tent interior is also reaching completion, so finally, you will be able to find the most wanted character of these months. Dialogue is also getting in game, and expressions to support it are being worked in parallel. Kuja also made an awesome illustration for K appreciation month, we hope you will enjoy this week’s output!


  • Launcher exported.
  • Uploaded K’s 3/4f expressions and created some new ones.
  • K Appreciation Month 01 and variant.
  • K’s expressions (technical).
  • Corrections to Kay’s 3/4f Expressions File.
  • CGI extra parts additions.

Prepping and rigging:

  • Prepped CGI_01 and imported it to Spine.
  • CGI rig and 2.5D effect on the face.
  • Made correction guidelines for Kay 3/4 Front Expressions.


  • Vanlen CGI 1 shy loop.
  • Vanlen CGI 2 shy approach.
  • Vanlen CGI 3 sniff loop.
  • Vanlen CGI 4 transition into touch.
  • Vanlen CGI 5 touch loop.


  • Savannah theme.


  • Revisited and delivered village dialogues for Unity implementation.


  • Chieftains tent interior collision done.
  • Fixed a minor movement bug.
  • Setup exits, camera bounds, and navmesh on chieftain interior.
  • Setup torches on all maps that have them.
  • Setting up conditions for all of Vanlen’s Dialogue.

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