Vanlen special CG scene animations ready

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The first CGI is ready to be implemented in Unity! Our animators also completed another cycle for review, and will implement some fixes. Kuja did some amazing CGI sketches for a scene involving Keakrix and K, but as they’re still very wip, you’ll see them next week! We’re getting ready for a first internal release and getting the WIP animations in for some initial quality checking. As animations and emotions still need to be added, some work is still needed but we’re getting closer to the goal. We hope you’ll still enjoy this week’s sneak previews!

Done this week


  • Fixes to arm spanking scenes and pendant.
  • Vanlen x Kay CGI – 6 – transition to chu.
  • Vanlen x Kay CGI – 7 – chu loop.
  • Vanlen x Kay CGI – 8 – lick loop.
  • Over shoulder h*ndjob 3rd review.
  • Sp*nking 4th review.


  • Tannyr, Leki, and Uylani intro text written.


  • SFX involving gunshots.
  • SFX involving sex noises likely needed for the CG.


  • Setup for all Vanlen scenes:
    + Added scenes in animation controller;
    + Adjust character positioning appropriately;
    + Adjust prop positioning appropriately;
    + Adjust camera positioning/zoom appropriately.
  • Split frontside rig into parts to show parts of one character in front of another character’s (needs slot groups in spine still).
  • Fixed a bug with interactables causing their triggers not to work.
  • Fixed tanning minigame to close tanning after completion screen and transition to the required dialogue (if one should play).
  • Added quest objectives onto New Beginnings for Vanlen work.
  • Fixed Keakrix clothing appearing in front of Kay in Scene 4.
  • Added Chieftain tent interior lighting. Torches, door, and fire pits.
    + Set door door lighting colour to change with time of day.
    +Set torch and fire pit to turn on and off at sunrise and sunset.

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