More CG scenes planned!

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This week had several focuses. The first one is that we released an internal dev build, which brought us to note down lots of bugs to iron out. (it’s always those pesky bugs!) But thanks to it the whole team was more fueled than ever into getting things done.

Secondly, seeing your amazing response to the CG, and how we as a team also all enjoy making them, we decided to add more of them and planned several, with sketches, one of which Kuja has already turned into beautiful final art. (although we may do some touch ups for ease of animation purposes).

While the spanking scenes were ok, (finally, if I may say) we still wanted to add that nice extra touch… so we added hands to finger K properly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and they’re now ready to be used by our animator.

The female 3/4 skeleton front body emotes are getting done (9 out of 17) while the facial expression pieces are being prepped for import.

Meiri’s tent is now set up, and the gathering is being reworked and polished, as well as several small bugs. In this regard, we set up a system to categoryze and track bugs once again for the build.

On the community side, we have the winners for the character creation contest! In the first place we have Phanta; in second place, we have Zachary Røgnvaldr, and last but not least, in third place is Shiva. Check the discord for more details. It will be great to add the first place design to the game. Thank you to all that participated, and as always, thank you for your support!

Completed this week


  • New male lizardman hands:
    2 new groping hands and forearms (fingers separated).
    2 new fingering hands and forearms (fingers separated).
  • Fixed fingering hands 1 and 2.
  • Fixed Kay 3/4 view Neck Color.
  • Created multiple new “twig bushes” and twig pieces.
  • further fixed Meiri’s Tent and uploaded it.
  • CG sketches.
  • CG Art: Galdryn and Kay (several versions).
  • CG Art: Keakrix and Kay 02 (wip).


  • Started prepping new hands for import. Grope hands are prepped. Just need a fix on fingering hands to continue.
  • Added in new hands for grope and fingering scene.
  • Fixed side difference errors in Male Side rig.
  • Imported Nikki’s spanking animations in front male skeleton.
  • Fixed constraint leg settings for Vanlen in side view (the mix was set to translate instead of scale)
  • Bound new hands to the correct bones.
  • Checked 3/4F Kay Expression for errors. None to report. Ready to add images into Kay_FrontSide PSD file.
  • Created a spreadsheet to help identify reused images so that import/export process won’t be so tedious or take too long.
  • Rigged 4 hands for fingering and groping.
  • Set the rig again for spanking for Nikki.

Animation – Dialogue emote stances:

  • Basic dialogue.
  • Exhausted.
  • Embarassed.
  • Sick to stomach.
  • Confident stance.
  • Concern.
  • Dazed.
  • Don’t Look.


  • put in Meiri’s tent art.
  • Added collision.
  • Added lighting.
  • Fixed the blue point lighting in Razorclaw Entrance by changing the lighting gradient.
  • Created dev build
  • Added new guard outfit onto the guards.
  • Added mouse hovering controller into scenes for artwork hovering (used for meiri’s tent exit currently).
  • Fixed characters speaking with multiple mouth animations at once.
  • Fixed exit, bed, chest, and camera restraints for Meiri’s new tent.
  • Added new gathering animation.
  • Switched artwork on gatherables to look better.
  • Fixed black screen fading in/out incorrectly.
  • Fixed torch scaling to be consistent throughout.
  • Moved Keakrix to idling under a tree outside the nursery (only afternoon-evening).
  • Switched Sek to his idle sitting animation.
  • Added the ability to restrict any character to Front, Back, and Side views only.

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