Testing and rigging

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We’re in the testing phases of the new patch update – or patchie for some special people – and also working on the CG featuring Galdryn x K from last week. Kuja has done several corrections on it for animation purposes, and was working on several pieces at the same time, so this week there’s less art output. (which means the next time will have more!) Next week Pikant will be taking a break so the Monday post may not get published.

Done this week


  • Further fixed Kay’s expressions in the 3/4f view.


  • Looked through Kay’s 3/4 Expression PSD file to identify reusable images for import.

Rigging and animation:

  • Most of Kay’s rig and test animation for the second CG.
  • Improvements to Vanlen’s sequences.


  • More dialogue finished and ready.


  • Several more SFX.
  • More music finished.


  • Fixed a bug with characters performing emotes going to the wrong animations.
    • Added these characters to the game with their daily routine and custom animations (if applicable):
      + Jaakul (Chieftain)
      + Kantir
      + Eri
      + Nemiri
      + Nesi


  • Updated the website and Patreon to add Ron.

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