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We had a little misunderstanding on who was writing the post, so the previous week one wasn’t made. Sorry about it! Here’s the progress until now, including new CGI, cum, Kantir dressed in 3/4 view so he can throw knives like the psycho he is while staring at you, and improvements on the launcher. All the expressions in 3/4 are finally in for K and need rigging. Next week we should also integrate 3/4 expression poses in the rigs, the spanking scene should be ready too. (did I say that? yes I did, I cannot believe it). and another of Vanlen’s scene has received updates from one of our animators but is still missing some final touches so it isn’t in this list.

Done during this time:


  • Kea and Kay (01) ~ CG Art completely finished.
  • Kantir ~ Outfit 3/4f SIDE A.


  • Added in Arm_R_HandJob images to FrontSide (3/4F) Rig.
  • Keys have been made for all expressions except for Surprise due to an error.


  • Titjob cum sequence (wip but mostly done).


  • Updated torches placed in Nursery+Meiri level.
  • 4 new torches added to The Forge level + torch collision.
  • Created prefab variants for the new torches (i.e. so they have their scripts, fire, etc).
  • Fixed account settings layout on launcher when logged in.
  • Changed launcher’s default game install directory to the folder the launcher is installed in.
  • Launcher updates are now live on all platforms.

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