Discussing and planning.

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This week has been characterized by very frequent and intense discussions about future features such as combat and spells. We also had an internal voice chat meeting among the main developers to make the point of the situation. We are in the phase of testing the alpha version of the patch and still removing bugs, polishing, and adding missing elements here and there. It is likely character expressions will have to be cut from this release, and not all of Vanlen’s quest animations will make it in the patch, but as the spanking animations are in the main rigs and ready for unity implementation, there is nothing blocking us anymore to the point of being unable to release an update entirely.

This upcoming week we should work on getting more little things in place (for example one animation got misunderstood as “Spank the rear” instead of “spank the ear” but the fix is almost done), and making sense of all the pieces belonging to the hot scenes. More news will come next week!

Done this week


  • Internal planning meeting.
  • Spells and combat intense and frequent discussions.


  • Nemiri – Side View Model (B and A is the same).
  • Nemiri – Side View Outfit (B and A is the same, except the order of the bracelets and anklets, that can be swapped by the animator).
  • Nesi – Side View Model (Side A).
  • Nesi – Side View Outfit (SIDE A).
  • Nesi – Side View Outfit (SIDE B).
  • Kantir – 3/4f Outfit SIDE B.

Rigging and animations:

  • Added spaking animations to male front and female side skeletons.
  • Added the idle posture animations to the 3/4 front female rig.
  • Rigged the Arm_R_HandJob images in the FrontSide (3/4F) Rig.
  • Fixed Arm_R_HandJob weights, added jacket fix.
  • Imported OSH animations in the 3/4 front female skeleton.
  • 3/4 female front leaning against surface with crossed arms.
  • Meiri tending to the fire idle (or rather, sitting in front of it).


  • Added torch lighting to the forge.
  • Added background crate assets.

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