Spooktober begins!

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Hello folks! We hope you’ll enjoy the new seasonal art Kuja made with Kay as a corpse bride. The first spanking scene is in, although we’re still figuring out how to sandwich Kay with Vanlen’s body and hand nicely and punish her dutifully. New music is also ready for the village, and some tests of combat are also in the works. As the polishing goes on, more characters are getting their art done, and more scenes are starting to be worked on, such as the thightjob. More of Vanlen scenes should be implemented this week, and if everything goes well without giga-mistakes, we should be ready to release a patch.

Done this week


  • Nesi – Outfit – Side View B.
  • Nesi – Model – Side View B.
  • Nesi – Side View ~ Hairstyle SIDE A ~ fixes.
  • Happy Spookytober Banner.
  • Happy Spookytober Kay (v.1) ~
  • Happy Spookytober 2021 Bannerwith alternate outfit.
  • Uploaded pistol side asset to GD.


  • Added Blushing animation to female side skeleton.
  • Added Speaking animation to male front skeleton.
  • Renamed the side lipsync and expression animation folders to Kay.
  • Created guide doc “Vanlen x Kay – Scene 1” for implemeting the scene in unity using the correct animations at the right time.
  • Prepared new files for Thightjob.
  • Set the body separator slots in the spanking animations.


  • Most dialogue needed for patch done.



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