This week’s update!

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We had a lot of progress this week but there are still things to be done. Here’s the log (Please don’t forget to see the video attachments!):


– Nesi Model – 3/4f view (Side A)

– Nemiri Outfit – 3/4f view (Side A)

– Uylani Model – Side View (Side A)

– Uylani Outfit – Side View (Side A)


– Nemiri Fixes: Hair Recolored (All angles)

– Nemiri Fixes: Irises Recolored (All angles)

– Uylani Fixes: Hair Recolored (Front View) and four new parts were added

– Nesi Fixes: Eyelashes Corrected (Side View A and B and 3/4f View)

– Uylani Fixes: Hair Recolored (Front View)

– Uylani Model: Hair and Eyelash Fixes (Side View A and Front View)

– Eri Model: Eyelash Fixes (It needed a secondary recolor. The original color was too dark, making it hard to set a proper color for it inside Spine (All Angles)

– Default Lizardgirl model: Fixed nails from hand_1_L and hand_1_R and separated them from the model once more (Front View)


– Prepped Lizardgirl_Slim_3/4F, Nemiri_Model_3/4F, Uylani_Model_Front, and Inani_Model_Front for Spine import

– Imported Lizardgirl_Slim_3/4F into Female_FrontSide rig

– Split Kay’s expressions into there own unique animation layers

– Imported Uylani_Model_Front (hair) & DancerDress_Outfit into Female_Front rig

– Fixed slot errors that were a result of importing older files to Spine due to naming convention used at the time

– Imported Inani_Model_Front, and Inani_Outfit_Front to Spine

– Prepped and Imported Uylani_Front, Nemiri_Front, Nemiri_Side, & Nemiri_3/4F corrections to their respective rigs

– Split characters and outfits into skins for customization

– Fixed Draw Order issues with outfits and characters

– Prepped newly imported characters and outfits so they would be ready for meshing and weights

– Made complete Skins of characters and outfits for ease of use

– Added color to characters for review


– Fixed Lizardgirl Model: Front Shy Idle

– Fixed Vanlen’s draw order in the sp*nking animations(²)

– Added draw order keys for (hopefully) the correct separators in the female side skeleton


– Added the current CG scenes into the game

– Added required UI to CG scenes
(See Video Attachment 01)

– Created a radial menu placeholder for the combat test
(See Video Attachment 02)

– Added toggle in editor to turn off speaker glow in dialogue scenes and turned off speaker glow in sex scenes


-Single torch rope asset added to Razorclaw Tribe/Art//RZ Main Branch 01 TEST

-Re-Added torches to Razorclaw Entrance level
(See Video Attachment 03)

– Added new torches to “Razorclaw Tribe West” and two additional torches “Chieftain’s Tent – Outside”

– Adjusted torch light radius on “Chieftain’s Tent – Interior” and “Chieftain’s Tent – Outside”

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