This week’s update!

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– Galdryn Model: Front View (Completely new body frame and parts)

– Galdryn Outfit: Front View

– Uylani Model: Side View (B)
– Uylani Model: 3/4f (A)

– Uylani Model: 3/4f (B)

ART (WIP) [Most coming next week]
– Background: Waterfall 01
– Uylani Model: 3/4b (A)
– Uylani Model: 3/4b (B)
– Galdryn Model: Back View
– Galdryn Model: Side View (A)
– Galdryn Model: Side View (B)
– Galdryn Model: 3/4f View (A)
– Galdryn Model: 3/4f View (B)
– Galdryn Outfit: Back View
– Galdryn Outfit: Side View (A)
– Galdryn Outfit: Side View (B)
– Galdryn Outfit: 3/4f View (A)
– Galdryn Outfit: 3/4f View (B)

– Fixed Valen Positioning in sex scenes (changed from height resize)
– Fixed a bug causing dialogue to randomly start playing the previously opened dialogue if it was exited early
– Switched torch artwork for ones that are can be lit on all outside scenes
– Updated background music for every scene
– Worked on project documentation

– Meshed and Weighted additional body, detail, and hair parts for lizardgirls in the Female Front rig.
– Meshed and weighted Eri’s Outfit for Female Front rig.
– Made additional corrections to meshes, weights, and draw order after reviewing new parts with current animations.
– Meshed and Weighted DancerDress, InaniOutfit, MaidOutfit, & NesiOutfit. – Made corrections to naming conventions and missing meshes.
– Rebuilt Keakrix character skin.
– Noted character builds and shared info with the team.

– Confluence pages:
– Organizing design points, working on project prioritization
– Working on versions, milestones to filter into roadmap and project development track

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