This Week’s Update

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This will be a double week’s update post (It’ll contain stuff from last week that we [I, Kuja ~sowwy!] didn’t had proper time to post until now!)so it’ll have tons of stuff!

Art (Prepping)

– Properly renamed all of Galdryn odel: Front View file and layers ┬ásave animation time

– Prepped Uylani Model: 3/4f View (A) parts for animation

Art (Asset Creation)

– Uylani Model: 3/4f View (B) parts

– Uylani Outfit: 3/4f View (A)

– Uylani Outfit: 3/4f View (B)

– Galdryn Model: Side View (A)

– Galdryn Outfit: Side View (A)

– Kantir Model: Side View (A)

– Kantir Outfit: Side View (A)

– Kantir Model: Side View (B)

– Kantir Outfit: Side View (B)

– BG: Razorclaw Tribe West: Background completely remade to fix DPI/Rescaling problem

– BG: Razorclaw Tribe Chieftain’s Tent Outside Background completely remade to fix DPI/Rescaling problem

– BG: Razorclaw Tribe West: Fix 1.1 according to team’s feedback

– BG: Razorclaw Tribe: Created various different new props and remade many different ones: New rocks, trees, foliage, vines, bushes, grass and plants

Art (Fixing)

– BG: Village Entrance: Tent Fix

– BG: Main Branch 01: Tree and Tent Entrance Fix

– BG: Fixed Torches Artline

– BG: Recreated all torches to fix a DPI/rescaling problem

Art (Technical)

– Blended cave collision into the floor collision on the Razorclaw Entrance BG

– Added daytime color tones to trees in Razorclaw Village West

– Added shadows to twig collectibles

– Added shadow to cooking rocks

– Added a second layer for slightly different color for sun Arays in Razorclaw Village West for a little more variety in tones

Animation (Prepping)

– Prepped and Imported Uylani_Model_Side, Inani_Model_Side, & Inani_Outfit_Side to side rig

– Fixed naming conventions to match the other rigs

– Removed and Cleaned Up Skins and Skin Placeholders in Side rig

– Meshed all of the character images that were recently added to Female side view (still need to weight them)

– Created full character skins in side rig to make checking characters easier during setup and animation modes

– Fixed various rigging errors

– Prepped outfits for meshing and setup whole outfit skins for testing

– Fixed Kay’s ear fur coloring error in Female 3/4 Front

– Removed bottom eyelashes in Female Front & 3/4 Back

– Fixed Vanlens’ body color errors in Male 3/4 Front

– Identified additional errors with Kay’s expressions in Female Side. Planned possible solutions for fix

– Weighted most of the lizardgirl models in Female Side.


– Completed the c*mming animation of the boobjob CG

– Added bones for long hair in female side view skeleton

– Adjusted the hair animation for the new hair bones in the walk animation in side view

– Adjusted the rest of the female hair in side view that weren’t weighted yet

– Started to adjust the skirt of the dancer dress in side view

– Fixed seam issues on Kay’s face in Female Front, 3/4 Front, and 3/4 Back rigs

– Improved Eri’s dress weights in Side rig to prevent breast image clipping through clothes

– Armbands in Male Side rig now follow the arm movement correctly

– Fixed clipping arms during walk animation in Front and Back rigs

– Improved draw order in all female rigs to help prevent clothes clipping

– Created flip skins in 3/4 Front rig for Eri and Keakrix to solve missing attachment errors

– Improved Female Front walk cycle. New weights for toes, toenails, feet, and clothing

– Created a duplicate walk animation and added 2 new IK’s for Nemiri in the Front rig due to her transform constraint causing issues in the main walk cycle.


– Added shader coloration options into the editor for global and individual characters color control

– Added Export Button for dialogue objects in the editor to export dialogue to text files

– Created a way to allow characters to be on their own sorting layer for lighting and still move in front and behind objects in the scene

– Fixed torch positioning in the Nursery Outside BG scene

– Fixed Razorclaw guard height being too small

– Fixed sun causing high exposure in some areas because its lighting was extremely bright
– Made an editor tool for Activating/Deactivating things based on time of day and exact time

– Fixed selecting a scene in memories then canceling not letting you select another scene

– Fixed NPCs being able to be pushed around

– Fixed Vanlen’s tent entrance auto kicking the player when entering in it

– Fixed Vanlen using the wrong outfit

– Fixed a bug that made the Chieftain’s Tent BG have no music/sounds

– Fixed Appius randomly appearing in the Razorclaw Entrance BG

– Broken images from the last post


– Added the “Kay facepalm” sticker (that Jello wanted)

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