March 2022 Release post

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Today is release day! And with it we mark the inauguration of the ship area, where the game should begin, from the safe comfort of Kay’s room. Two special CG sequences are accessible in the Memories section of the game, and her room, together with the terminal area are in game.

The terminal also allows to jump to the village area to be able to access the content of the previous version.


If you’re eager to put your hands on it and you’re a patron you can find the update inside the launcher.


If you’re having troubles connecting your Patreon to the launcher please write us a message privately on Patreon.

Next Release Plans

Behind the scenes much has been going on with code refactoring and the shift of development approach with the help of a secret angel, that should help us to stay on track to release every two months.

We have some art and animations ready to be implemented but missing maybe a background, or a view, and we’d like this approach to be the one we keep for the future, so we don’t try to shove in everything we’ve worked last, pushing the release further and further down as before.

Within this rhythm, to ensure regular content the future plan is to implement 1-2 new CG scenes per release, and then dedicate the rest of the efforts to flash out the environments, characters, interactions, and what makes a game, a game.

This is the first release where we had testers try out the game to polish it a little bit more before releasing it to the wider public, still, if you find bugs please report them in our discord server.

Thank you for your support!



  • Added a Terminal System
  • Added Kay’s Room area
  • Added Kay BJ CGI
  • Added Kay Masturbation CGI
  • Added a wake up sequence for Kay at the start of the game

Fixes and modifications

  • Changed all dialogue to 3/4ths view
  • Fixed characters falling when dialogue starts
  • Fixed the player’s username reverting to Kay after their first reload
  • Fixed tree can be walked through in the area outside chieftain’s tent
  • Fixed cannot use cooking table from front
  • Updated attempt at smoothing the black fade when loading stuff
  • Fixed character picture icon in customization menu being very low quality
  • Refactored interaction system code slightly
  • Reworked dialogue & scenes system code for better maintainability and less bugs
  • Made it where CGI scenes could now have dialogue
  • Added all expression options to 3/4F dialogue

Our objectives for the next two months:

  • Add showering scene(Art and animations done)
  • Add Maeve (Art done)
  • Add Absolution corridor areas(Art done)
  • Add Maeve’s bedroom area
  • Add Command Room area
  • Add Hanger area
  • Add shower background for showering scene
  • Add a Tutorial questline at the start of the game
  • Add part of the absolution questline
  • Add 1-2 CGI scenes (tbd)
  • Update the tanning minigame

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