Elevator music time.

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Happy Monday! The build is going to be released to Marines this week, and next week everybody else will also have access to it.

Speaking of discord roles, we’d like to rework their perks and also hear your suggestions about it on Thursday on our discord. So please keep an eye out for the event!

Lastly, you may want to check these bundles out:

To update you on this week’s progress, here’s what was done:

  • BG: Kay’s bedroom for the masturbation scene.
  • Stickers/Holographs for the Absolution Corridors.
  • Decals/Holos in function.
  • More decals for the yellow maintenance port (Maybe it can be used for quests later on if needed).
  • All corridor parts, except the ground reflections.
  • Elevator music.
  • CG Kay x Keakrix rigging.
  • Art: Kay’s Bed Mast**bation Scene.
  • Art: Cenvir Foo***b Scene completed.
  • Kay’s Room Collision Fix.
  • Implemented: Kay Blo**ob w/ Galdryn CG Scene.
  • Rigging: Added Maeve’s rig/skins to spine.

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