Maeve front and side view – clothless and Kea x Kay CG

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These past two weeks have been a bit of a breath-catcher for us after the release, but we’re on track and have completed the new CG animations for the next release, Maeve side and front view are in Spine and rigged. and we’re working on new parts of the absolution. We’ve also found some time to start looking for an additional artist to help Kuja out with the backgrounds, but no right fit so far – Do you have recommandations? please send them our way!

Completed these past two weeks


  • Better separated assets, did some technical edits to lighting parts and re-organized the absolution first batch of files according to feeback.
  • Inner parts of the main port.
  • 3D Model: Interior concept for Absolution
  • Art: Saint Patricks discord banner


  • Added mesh vertices to Meave’s Side view
  • Added weights to Meave Side Rig
  • Fixed Maeve’s nipple in the walk
  • Completed Key x Kea CGI rig and animations


  • Added 3 officer hallways and 1 generic elevator
  • Implemented Kay Masturbation CGI
  • Implemented Footstep System

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