Upcoming changes to Patreon tiers and new artist

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We got a new artist!

Good news, we’ve found a new artist that can do cool artwork which will help Kuja out a lot. This means stuff will hopefully come out even faster.

Economics and Tiers

But now I’d like to talk a little bit about economics (It was a trap!), we’ve been talking about patreon and our tiers/rules. There has been a decent amount of confusion to roles, and this is an old issue. Time to solve it. However we’ve also run into an issue, Patreon takes a fairly sizeable cut of every $1 subscriber. We’ve been discussing the idea of making the existing peon role defunct and make a new one at a slightly higher amount. As it stands, patreon is taking around 35% of every one dollar tier, and it’s just… painful. Since over 70% of our supporters are $1 supporters. This was a change some time last year, and now even patreon recommends not making our lowest tier $1: So I’d like to know what everyone thinks about us increasing that default tier amount. The smaller numbers of higher tier supporters actually provide us more income than the vast majority of subs being $1 supporters. (By the way, we won’t actually be ‘removing’ the role, people would still keep that role, it would just be unlisted so new supporters won’t see it.) But before doing anything we would like to know what everyone thinks about us increasing that default tier amount. We also have considered rolling the old ‘inactive bloodbound’, i.e. a supporter that has pledged a certain amount over their life time, into a new ‘Navkatarr’ tier which would be then inaccessible to future patrons. So there would only be active bloodbounds and our long-time supporters as ‘Navkatarr’. We also definitely want to start bringing our higher tier supporters more into decision making, and opening up Praetorian to people, and inviting praetorians to a tester server where they can beta test builds and give more direct feedback. Please let me know what you guys think, and I’ll be in the voice chat for a while today doing various things, you can talk to me there with your thoughts. We will host a poll soon on Patreon about this.


Besides this, development is still going steady, we will release a new build next month on schedule. Thanks for your time.We’re currently in voice chat on discord, feel free to jump in and discuss.

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