A rough month

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Hello everyone, another productive week. The previous month was a little hard on us, with people getting quite deathly ill, but we are recovering, and work continues!

We have been working on new CG scenes, a footjob and a threesome, as well as new characters to populate the ship.

There have also been numerous bug fixes, and some neat features that we can’t wait for you to try in the next update!



  • Fixed the Commander’s shirt sleeve _F
  • Fixed the Marine’s shirt sleeve _F
  • Fixed the Commander’s dress lenght
  • Re-added the thigh-highs to the Commander’s Outfit
  • Re-added the Commander’s Coat to the Commander’s Outfit (Fixed and Adjusted)
  • CG ART: “Sammy, Vasta and Anna” is finished
  • Commander’s Coat: Fixed sorting, fixed some parts because of the new changes to the inner parts.
  • Cassandra Eloskin – New set of arms

Animation and rig:

  • Imported MarineOutifts (Formal and Tactical) for Canine 3/4 front rigs.
  • Setup Skins for MarineOutfits.
  • Meshed & Weighted some of Maeve’s parts.
  • Progress on CG Feet.
  • Prepped and imported MarineOutfit_Commander into 3/4 Front CanineFemale rig.
  • Meshed and Weighted Maeve in 3/4 Front CanineFemale rig.
  • Adjusted Draw Order and added New Slots to improve outfit customization.
  • Tested all of the above to insure it works as expected.
  • Meshed and Weighted AmaraLyan, CassandraEloskin, & SamErin in 3/4 Front CanineFemale rig.


  • Updated cgi scenes to include the ending loop
  • Added H as a hotkey to hide current speech for both in game and scene based text.
  • Fixed bark for kay.
  • finished tutorial, ready for testing phase
  • fixed alerts not working on the terminal
  • added dresser lootable in Kay’s room

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