Talk to the Tree, Make Friends with It

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Welcome to the month of November.  We have a bit to discuss so let’s strap in.

Pilots, Build is available in your launchers.  You can find the changelog here  Finally All Peons are on deck for the release on November 21st.

Our priorities for our final build of 2022 is to establish a proven baseline for 2023.  This means a lot of foundational work, namely Kuja and Compound working together to better separate and categorize the Razorclaw Jungle background pieces/images allowing us to easily assemble the transition backgrounds between the important locations inside the Village within Unity. This effort results in us being able to delegate work between Kuja, Compound, Ron and Hooch moving forward.

These changes are a direct result of what we learned throughout the Absolution development process. We fell into a quagmire of having to pause Kuja’s progress on characters and CG scenes to catch up on building backgrounds. Simply put, Kuja fell behind trying to carry too much of the load. Fortunately, thanks to your patience, the delay allowed us to catch up on the backlog while making the necessary steps to not repeat these same mistakes in the Village.

Rest assured, the unique backgrounds, such as the Waterfall or Tavern, will still get the tender, love, and care that only Kuja can provide. These changes will affect the transitional backgrounds that link these locations together. We look forward to showing off the redesigned Village layout soon.

Blah Blah Blah, bushes and sticks, let’s get to some action!  In addition to housekeeping, Kuja has been creating the art asset additions to the Vanlen and Galdryn scenes. You can enjoy a more “comforting” tease in the supporter only post.

These changes were spearheaded by Vlad to begin implementing the CG scenes into the in game experience.  The story context and the addition of SFX should bring the quality of the scenes up to the standard the art and animations set.

We hope you all are being good little peeps during NNN.  Thank you for all the Support!  Until next time.  Peace and Stay Strong.

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