The Magic of the Season

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Welcome to December and the Holiday Season! We have some treats for you today to reward your patience. However we have much to talk about. Please take a seat, grab a cup of cocoa, and wrap yourself in a comfy blanket.

First, Kuja is back to streaming(More CG ART, yay!)! You can find those streams here He’ll be streaming much of the week into the leadup for Krysmas. Drop him a follow and enjoy the glimpse into the future content of Lok:Rebirth and maybe even something extra special.

We are also releasing build to the Public today. You can find the changelog here ( We appreciate the patience while we’ve been grinding through the Holiday Season. Please reach out with all feedback.

For all our supporters, we will be releasing build on Christmas Day!

So what can you expect within this new build? We hope the CG featuring Vasta, Anna, and Sammie catches your eye first. After that we want your feedback on the new Village layout and the Hub Background. This will be the new foundation of the Village and how it flows. Feedback will be crucial, so now will be the time for your voices to be heard.

Speaking of hearing voices, lewd scenes are beginning to receive their SFX. The list includes all the CG scenes, excluding the new 3some scene, all the Vanlen Scenes, and the two Kay Showering Scenes. This is a big step that’s been a long time coming. Ron deserves his roses for making this a reality.

On the topic of Roses, Vlad has been working his tail off on planning and new dialogues. Here’s a teaser of the great you can expect to read moving forward into 2023.

Kay: T-thank you master… I live to serve. (What is this strange sensation, I’m not in control of my own actions? I… I want to serve him.)

Chieftain: Indeed you have been a fine servant, always willing, always able.

Kay: Mmm

Chieftain: It is time to service me, my exotic pet

Kay: Yes master.

Kay: Mmph. (What am I doing? Why do I want this so much?)

Chieftain: Good. Just like that.

Narrator: She worshiped his cock in long strides, her slender tongue dancing upon his cock in a way that only practice and adoration could achieve. The trail of saliva lacing his member tantalizing the Chieftain’s senses.

Narrator: She couldn’t control herself, with every taste of her master’s meat she felt herself slipping into a trance. She couldn’t stop, even if she wanted. She felt a kind of strange pride in her service, she loved being used for this.

As we conclude for today, one final thought. Please ensure you are taking care of yourself. The Holiday season is known for Joy, Family, and Friends. However, the stark reality is that many of us manifest the season through Grief, Sickness, Stress, and Loneliness. Keep yourself in your thoughts, give yourself the credit you deserve, and always find time to rest and reflect. Thank You. Until next time. Peace and Stay Strong.

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