One Hand, One Foot, and One Tentacle

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Happy New Year!

The Holiday break has come to an end and we’re back to the grind. To everyone that has given feedback on build, Thank You. Ron and Hooch are already addressing the problems and we’ll keep you posted as the fixes roll in. Keep the feedback flowing.  

In addition you will start to see more streams as we roll through 2023. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord for stream notifications. Wait! You’re not already following us there!? Here is a couple links 

Reflecting back on 2022, we must improve the rollout of builds in 2023 and beyond. It goes without saying that we released builds with bugs that should have been caught before release. Therefore we will be moving to a 3 month gap between builds. While this does not directly address the issue of bugs, this will give us a greater time window to leverage the tools that the Praetorian Testing Server affords us. Starting with build, we expect you to see predictable and dependable releases.  

Today’s Teaser is the art for the Chieftain “Nightmare” Scene. The Nightmares is a method for us to explore the dark secrets of the planet and grant Kay the ability to partake in sexual encounters that would otherwise be impossible. Our only limiting factor is creativity. Be on the lookout for future polls and don’t hesitate to drop suggestions.  

2022 was a challenge. Everyone should take a moment to congratulate themselves for seeing it through. Let’s set our sights towards bigger and better in 2023. Thank You for the Support. Until next time, Peace and Stay Strong.  

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