One Hub, One Waterfall, and One Tavern

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Tavern Background

Hello Everyone and Happy February! Build is around the corner. Place some rose petals on the bed and get ready to tuck in.

Let’s begin with a look back at build and the Hub background. The Hub will be the focal point of the Village moving forward. Plans for a rotating set of Characters, Interactables, and Events are all in the pipeline.  However today the Hub is a blank canvas that is confusing to navigate with areas impeded by foliage. So let’s start to fix this.

Firstly you will see more visual cues helping you reach the place you want to go. This includes adding Locations to the Hub, such as the Tavern Entrance or the Storage Tent in place of some trees. In addition, you will see Wooden Signs informing you on where you’re heading.

In addition to the visual cues, we’ve decided to take up some landscaping.  Intrusive Trees and Foliage will be removed with other Foliage becoming transparent as you pass. The Hub is meant to be a living Background. As such, we are always looking for further Improvements and Suggestions.

When you Launch we can’t wait for you to see the Tavern. Kuja and Sayo absolutely knocked this one out of the park. Wait! You haven’t met Sayo? Sayo is the newest Artist on the Tribe Dev team and, quite frankly, his talent speaks for itself. I hope you take a moment to Welcome him Aboard.

With the Tavern comes the Waitressing Minigame. Back in September we had posted our outline for the Minigame. For those of you who are new, or those who need a refresher. Here’s the outline for the basics.

Phase 1 – The tutorial and initial game mechanics presented to the player.

  • Physically taking the correct order to the table in the appropriate time frame. This will include one of 4 food types, and a specific drink.
  • Kay will move to the center table with all the food for food orders, and select which type of food to place onto her serving tray.
  • Initially the tavern will be mostly empty, with the tutorial being one or two lizards seated.
  • Lizards will show whether they are ordering, satisfied, or upset via barks such as:

“Hey, I want food!”

“Why is it taking so long!?”

“Finally. Delicious.”

  • Speaking to them will allow you to get their exact order, which must be remembered. The order could be a combination of food and/or drink.
  • The difficulty increases simply by adding more patrons to the tavern thus increasing the work load and time difficulty.
  • The amount of respect gained is directly proportion to the effectiveness of service Kay renders. If patrons are unhappy from waiting too long, wrong orders, or missed orders then she will receive less respect.

Phase 2 – After a few days Nesi will remark that she needs help with the bar as well. Kay will then have to mix drinks in addition to her previous duties.

  • Mixing drinks is accomplished by a 2D minigame screen where she has to use a set of three barrels filled with multi-colored liquid to produce the appropriate mix. The colors of drink will also be in shapes to help colorblind.
  • A Patron may order “Aufrik Ale” or up to 26 other possibilities (3*3*3) which Kay must recall the recipe and mix properly, then deliver the order like any other in a timely fashion.

Thank You for the support. You make it possible for us to find the talent that makes Lok:Rebirth possible. We have lofty goals and even loftier expectations. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Until Next Time. Peace and Stay Strong

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