Spring is in the Air

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Waitress Outfit Side View Walk

Happy Spring Equinox! Sayo’s Kay is going to be a tough act to follow this week. So let’s just roll and see where it leads us.

Pikant has returned to streaming! The Kay/Pilot CG is well on its way. Patrons can get a glimpse of what you can expect with the WIP test Animation. As always, you can join Pikant on Picarto at to get a first hand look at the future content of the game.  

We’ve also made the investment into two new animators. You’ll begin to see teasers of their work in the lead up of build 

Speaking of Build, Praetorians! A test build for will be posted soon. We haven’t hammered out the date yet. However you should expect to see it sometime next week, Ron has been putting a lot of work into the Tavern minigame and we look forward to your feedback.  

Kuja spent much of his time finishing art assets for the Tavern and making adjustments to the waterfall. There was quite a bit of feedback on the overall layout of the background. So we made the decision to make adjustments. Let us know what you think of the updates and new art.  

Waterfall WIP

Next on Kuja’s plate is Character Art!  You can already see Galdryn’s Front view featuring the new Jotnar body type above.  However, it won’t just be the Pot Lugging Hunk getting Kuja’s attention.  Cenvir is waiting in the wings for his time in the sun.  It’ll be a Spring for the Boys in Kuja’s Streams.  As always you can tune in at  

Finally, Vlad has been diligently working on dialogues and overseeing our Composer Dirk. He was featured in the last post with Compound’s Concept Art for a Urzukai Warrior. His Music speaks for itself and we’re glad to feature another WIP track today.  

Thank you for your patience throughout the month of March.  Until next time, Peace and Stay Strong.

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