April Efforts bring May Updates!

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It has been a very eventful April. Let’s catch you up on all the happenings of the past few weeks.

On Sunday April 23rd, Kuja’s Discord account was hacked and proceeded to send dozens of pings throughout the server, banned some users’ accounts and charged nearly 300 USD in Nitro Gift Subscriptions. These actions led to the suspension of Kuja’s Discord account. Although the process to reinstate the account has begun, it will likely be weeks before he is able to regain access to his main account.

Thank you for your patience as we got things back together. The people who were banned by the hacker have been unbanned. Everything should be back to normal. At least as normal as things can get after having thousands of people’s electronics turned into impromptu vibrators. Please make sure to keep you accounts safe.

Kay serving food in the tavern

We also have great news to announce today. The Test Build for is released. Praetorians, you can find the invite link in our Discord under the Announcements Tab in the channel #praetorian-tester-channel-invite. Our effort speaks for itself and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Lizardman hitting table animation

Our Animators finished 3 scenes since we last spoke. Kay x Pilot CG is done, Kay Train is done, and Nesi Patron HJ Scene is also finished. Patrons can enjoy some NSFW teasers in the Supporter only Post. The Kay Chieftain CG and Kay x Patron gr*ping scene are currently on their to do list.

Soon TM

Tavern Exterior

Kuja completed the remaining Tavern Art Assets and UI for the Minigame.

It has been a long process getting build to you. Thank You for the support over the past few months. We look forward to bringing you a much more consistent update schedule as we move forward. Until next time. Peace and Stay Strong.

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