v0.1.7.1 build release!

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Bloodbounds, Aldrukai and Praetorians, Build is available in the Launcher! Thank you for your patience throughout the beginning of 2023. This build has been a learning experience for the Team. Let’s begin with what you can expect when launching the Update.

You can find the Launcher Download from our website.

v0.1.7.1 Changelog


  • Added Kay Train scene to Memories
  • Added Kay x Pilot CG Scene to Memories
  • Added Waitressing Minigame
  • Added Drink Mixing to Waitressing Minigame
  • Added Tavern Interior Area
  • Added Tavern Exterior to the Hub
  • Added Guards diagonal view in game
  • Added Guard in front of the Chieftain’s Tent preventing the Player from Entering without talking to him.
  • Added Cauldrons next to the Chieftain’s Throne
  • Added way to differentiate footsteps with and without shoes
  • Added new bgm to absolution ship (after officer quarters)
  • Added bgm for the Tavern Interior
  • Added Liveliness to the Hub area such as Characters and Objects (more to come though)
  • Added Ability to see through Trees when Character is behind them in the Hub
  • Added dialogue for Nesi in and out of Tavern
  • Added some dialogue for Jaakul
  • Added dialogue for Guard outside of Jaakul’s tent
  • Added Settings option for either toggling or holding the sprint button
  • Added dialogue barks to marines in the Hangar

Fixes and Modifications

  • Improved fading in/out (especially between different scenes)
  • Fixed version number in the top right covering the menu button
  • Fixed typo in Cassandra’s dialogue
  • Fixed character idles not playing after starting a dialogue
  • Fixed tanning minigame scenes not working
  • Fixed marines in the hangar all spawning in the same location after reentering the hangar multiple times
  • Fixed Kay’s ship saying “Cook” when you can interact with it
  • Fixed trouble interacting with Kay’s ship
  • Fixed sign in the Officer’s elevator area appearing in front of the player in some spots
  • Fixed UI looking off in some resolutions (also temporarily removed support for ultra wide screens)
  • Switched color scheme of terminal messages
  • Fixed naming of terminal in Maeve’s room
  • Fixed campfire collision in the Hub
  • Fixed player visual movement bug when constantly clicking to move
  • Fixed clicking to move causing stamina to drain faster while sprinting or increase faster while not sprinting with each click
  • Fixed bugs in quest progression
  • Fixed bugs in quest log UI
  • Put characters throughout the game in more unique idle animations
  • Replaced placeholder light switch with new art in Kay and Maeve’s rooms on the absolution
  • Removed text from X button in terminal alert messages
  • Fixed wall collision in Vanlen’s tent
  • Fixed player not walking onto an exit trigger when it’s clicked
  • Fixed music getting louder when in dialogue
  • Removed music getting quieter when opening in-game menus
  • Fixed bug where Vanlen gave infinite repaired bracelets for Meiri’s bracelet quest
  • Fixed being unable to give Mieri her repaired bracelet
  • Fixed quests ending on the last objective before you’ve completed it
  • Fixed sprint regeneration bug
  • Fixed bark system, so guards in the Razorclaw village will use barks again

Special Thanks goes to Supporters AFK_, parkk, Hachiroku and Deogi. Your efforts testing Lok:Rebirth have been irreplaceable. We hope you continue to bring your input to Build and Beyond.

The release of Build also signals the Public Release of Build  You can find the previous changelog to that build here

We encourage you to join our Discord to provide any Feedback, Suggestions and Bug Reports. Discussion is always welcome and we strive to bring prompt responses to any questions and concerns.

This build has been challenging. We entered 2023 with the expectation to release in March, sadly we overshot that mark. Changes are coming. It’s always a learning process as we go forward. However the delay of the build does not diminish the pride we feel in the work we do, we’re always hard at work on the game. We strive to put the best of what we’ve got into Lok:Rebirth.

At the forefront of this process is more information in more posts. However, today is about enjoying Build and Build  Our gratitude for your support cannot be understated.

Thank you

Until next time, Peace and Stay Strong

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